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Aabra Ka Daabra Dvd

A young student sets out on a quest for a magic potion that can bring back his missing father. He faces several hardships while trying to find and rescue his father.

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Aabra Ka Daabra is a 2004 Bollywood film. It was the first 3D Plus film in Indian cinema.


Shanu Singh lives a middle-class lifestyle with his dad, Rahul, and mom, Shivani. Rahul is a magician and performs Houdini-like tricks. Once while being locked in an iron cask and thrown into the sea, he does not surface and everyone believes he is dead, leaving Shanu to become a waiter in Dilbaug’s Dhaba, while Shivani becomes a governess to Pinky, who is the daughter of Sindhi businessman, Maneklal. Shanu and Pinky win Parle-G and Camlin Pencils contest and are enrolled in Aabra Ka Daabra — the school of magic, that was founded by Sage Adityanand, which is now run by a magician Rang Birangi, who has enormous magical powers.


Satish Kaushik as Dilbaug Singh / Jadugar Pyaara Singh
Anupam Kher as Limbu
Krrishna as Rahul Singh
Athit Naik as Shanu R. Singh
Johnny Lever as Maneklal
Hansika Motwani as Pinky
Archana Puran Singh as Suzanne
Nupur Mehta as Jadugarni Bijli / Headmistress Rang Birangi ‘RB’
Shweta Tiwari as Shivani R. Singh
Naveen Bawa as Mind over matter instructor
Prabhu Deva as Dancer / Singer in the song “Shiv Om”


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