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American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules dvd

It’s Senior year at East Great Falls. Annie, Kayla, Michelle, and Stephanie decide to harness their girl power and band together to get what they want their last year of high school


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American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules is a 2020 American straight-to-DVD sex comedy film directed by Mike Elliott. It is the fifth installment of the American Pie Presents film series, a spin-off of the American Pie franchise and the ninth overall installment.It is also the first film in the franchise to not feature Eugene Levy and serves as a standalone sequel, revolving around Steve Stifler’s cousin Stephanie (Lizze Broadway) and her friends.


Now that it is their senior year, four teenage friends named Annie, Kayla, Michelle and Stephanie band together to get what they want. Annie is a virgin who is trying to lose her virginity to her boyfriend. Stephanie is a confident lacrosse player who is blackmailing her school’s perverted principal into retiring by recording him being chained up and whipped by her. Kayla is insecure about her boyfriend cheating and constantly goes through his phone asking if she is the best girlfriend he has ever had. Michelle is a sex toy expert who prides herself on her education. They all make a pact to get what they need this year. Along comes Grant, a handsome new guy in school. He meets Michelle first as she is rushing to class, as she is distracted by the sight of him, she runs into a door and he helps her.

Kayla’s boyfriend breaks up with her and as Grant witnesses this, he offers help in making her ex jealous. Stephanie is playing lacrosse and meets Grant by knocking him to the ground during a play.

Michelle takes Annie to a sex shop to buy her first toy, a vibrating set of panties. Annie uses the toy later that day while having phone sex with her boyfriend. Grant and his mother Ellen come over to introduce Ellen to Annie’s single father Kevin, who tells Grant to go upstairs and meet his daughter.

Michelle and Stephanie end up liking Grant and employ ways to win his affection. Michelle, playing the damsel in distress trips and falls into a locker in front of Grant. He takes her to the nurse and Oliver, the principal’s assistant, a nerdy boy who has a crush on Michelle, helps out. Stephanie goes to Grant’s friend Emmett (her old childhood friend who she had a falling out with) and asks for his help and offers him $100.

Annie runs into Grant in the library and they team up to study and slowly start falling for each other. Kayla and her ex-boyfriend start having sex regularly. Stephanie and Emmett spend more and more time together to help her win over Grant and start falling for each other. Things come to a head at Ellen’s house party when the girls realize they all know and have crushes on Grant. Grant says he has a crush on Annie and they kiss. She feels guilty and goes to see her boyfriend Jason who is in college and catches him getting a blowjob from a girl. Initially angry, she feels relief because she realizes she has feelings for Grant.

Ellen helps Michelle realize that Oliver is the perfect guy for her as he also has a love of John F. Kennedy and when doing an imitation of his speech she realizes she likes him. They all go to a party thrown by Stephanie in an attempt to get together with Grant. Realizing that Grant likes Annie they call off the pact. A fight breaks out when Stephanie gets called a slut and Emmett defends her, which then causes Stephanie to punch the assailant and throw him out. Emmett and Stephanie kiss, realizing the whole time they had feelings for each other. Kayla and her ex-boyfriend Tim get back together. Michelle and Oliver end up together. Jason shows up and tells Grant about the pact. The girls all go to the pajama prom together and help Annie win back Grant. He shows up and they kiss. Their friends set up a tent on the football field so Annie can finally lose her virginity. They all end up having sex with their respective partners.


Madison Pettis as Annie
Lizze Broadway as Stephanie Stifler
Piper Curda as Kayla
Natasha Behnam as Michelle
Darren Barnet as Grant
Zachary Gordon as Emmett
Camaron Engels as Tim
Zayne Emory as Jason
Christian Valderrama as Oliver
Sara Rue as Ellen
Ed Quinn as Kevin
Danny Trejo as Janitor Steve Garcia
Lucas Adams as McCormick
Patricia Elliott as MeePaw
Barry Bostwick as PeePaw
Rasheda Crockett as Rose
Tatiana DeMaria as Lead Singer
Danny Devito as Tea Drinker (uncredited)


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