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Centigrade Dvd

A married couple find themselves trapped in their frozen vehicle after a blizzard and struggle to survive amid plunging temperatures and unforeseen obstacles.


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Centigrade is a 2020 survival thriller film directed by Brendan Walsh, written by Walsh and Daley Nixon, produced by Amanda Bowers, Molly Conners, Vincent Morano, Keri Nakamoto, Jane Oster, Bradley J. Ross, and Brendan Walsh. It stars Genesis Rodriguez and Vincent Piazza.

The story is about an American man and his pregnant wife who become trapped in their car when a storm buries them underneath layers of snow and ice in Norway. As supplies dwindle and temperatures plunge, the couple must battle the elements and hypothermia in a desperate fight for survival.


In 2002, a young American couple, Naomi and Matthew travel to the arctic mountains of Norway. After pulling over during a snowstorm, they wake up trapped in their SUV, buried underneath layers of snow and Ice. It is revealed that Naomi is eight months pregnant. They struggle to survive as the temperature drops to dangerous levels and they encounter unforeseen obstacles in their battle to stay alive. With few resources, a dwindling food supply, and nothing but time, tension, blame, and personal secrets bubble to the surface. Matthew and Naomi realize they must work together to survive in a crippling battle against the elements, hypothermia, disturbing hallucinations, and plunging temperatures.

After suffering a panic attack, Naomi goes into labor. Matt helps his wife with the delivery of their baby girl. Naomi suggests they name her Olivia (Liv for short) to which Matt agrees. Matt continues to suffer from hypothermia to his hands while he is trying to dig through the window.


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