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Chhalaang dvd

Chhalaang is a hilarious, yet inspirational journey of Montu, a PT Master from a semi govt. funded school for whom teaching PT is just a job. When circumstances put everything he cares for at stake, including Neelu who he loves, Montu is forced to do what he’s never done- TEACH.


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Chhalaang (transl. Leap) is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language sports black comedy film directed by Hansal Mehta.It is produced by Ajay Devgan, Luv Ranjan, Ankur Garg and presented by Bhushan Kumar. Chhalaang stars Rajkummar Rao, Nushrat Bharucha and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub


Mahender Singh Hooda aka Montu is a lazy, uninspired, and unprofessional physical training instructor (PTI) at a school in Haryana, a job he got courtesy of his father Kamlesh Singh Hooda’s influence as a lawyer. He lives with his parents and his brother and spends most of his time hanging out and messing around with his teacher-buddy, Mr. Shukla. When Neelima Mehra arrives in Montu’s school as a new computer teacher, Montu finds himself falling in love with her, and the two start to grow very close when she tells her nickname Neelu.

To his surprise, Montu finds out that the school hired a new PTI, Inder Mohan Singh, as the government required PTIs to have a physical education degree, which Montu didn’t have. Begrudgingly, Montu accepts a role as Inder Mohan’s assistant. Montu quickly realizes that Inder Mohan is a much better PT teacher than him, and gets even more irked when Neelu starts spending more time with Inder Mohan. One day, Inder Mohan keeps Montu’s brother, Babloo, pinned to the ground as a punishment for not paying attention. This leads to a fight between Montu and Inder Mohan, after which Montu quits his job at the school.

Montu soon realizes that he cannot quit his job, and returns to the school to challenge Inder Mohan with a three sport competition: basketball, a 400m relay race, and kabaddi. Montu and Inder Mohan would coach the two separate groups of students participating. Whomever’s team won the competition would stay as the PT teacher, while the other would have to leave, and Inder Mohan accepts the challenge. Montu foolishly lets Inder Mohan choose his team first in an attempt to impress Neelu by showing her his humility, and it backfires on him when he is left with a significantly weaker team.

As Montu starts to lose hope, Neelu comes to his side and helps him coach his team. She advises him to choose several girls for his team, which he does. Then, she helps him implement very unorthodox training regimes, such as running from guard dogs to increase speed, catching loose chickens to increase agility, and dribbling a basketball through a cow dung minefield to increase dribbling ability. Their efforts pay off, however, the children’s parents start to revolt, saying that the competition is dragging their children’s focus away from studies. Montu’s father with the help of Neelu manage to get them back on board by using blackmail and threatening to re-open existing legal cases against them.

At the competition, Inder Mohan’s team barely beat Montu’s team in basketball, but Montu’s team wins the competition with close victories in the 400m relay race and kabaddi. Inder Mohan accepts his defeat and congratulates Montu. Since, he realises that Inder is a much better coach than him, Montu proposes the idea of working together with Inder Mohan, as he has to learn a lot from him. Montu thanks the students and their parents for their trust and dedication. He then declares his love for Neelu, and she accepts his love proposal .


Rajkummar Rao as Mahender “Montu” Singh Hooda, a physical training instructor (PTI) (later becomes Neelu’s husband)
Nushrat Bharucha as Neelima “Neelu” Mehra, a computer teacher in the same school(later becomes Montu’s wife)
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Inder Mohan Singh, senior PTI in Montu’s school
Saurabh Shukla as Mr Shukla, a former Hindi teacher and former principal of Montu’s school
Ila Arun as Usha Gehlot, the principal of Montu’s school
Satish Kaushik as Kamlesh Singh Hooda, a retired lawyer and Montu’s father
Jatin Sarna as Dimpy(chef in a small snacks shop)
Naman Jain as Babloo Singh Hooda, Montu’s younger brother and student of Singh Sir
Garima Kaur as Pinky Yadav
Baljinder Kaur as Kamla Singh Hooda, Montu’s mother
Suparna Marwah as Sakshi S. Mehra, Neelu’s mother
Rajiv Gupta as Sanjay Mehra, Neelu’s father


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