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D Company dvd

A Trilogy of 3 independent short movies and a complete story. The filming of the three short films are only completed till now. The short films are:- Oru Bolivian Diary 1995 Oru Bolivian Diary 1995, set in a tribal habitat deep down the jungle, is about a North Indian Maoist leader Chaukidar (Samuthirakani) who comes to Wayanad to spread his doctrines among the local tribes. The plot revolves around a hunt for him by a police inspector Narain, who narrates the story to a reporter (Ananya) 15 years after the incident. Asif Ali plays Chinnan a tribal youth who initially gets fascinated by Chaukidar and later develops strong emotional ties with him. Gangs of Vadakkumnathan Gangs of Vadakkumnathan is a gangster film set in the backdrop of religion. It deals with the gang wars in and around Thrissur.


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D Company is a 2013 Indian Malayalam portmanteau action-thriller gangster drama film. It is an anthology of three independently shot action films directed by M. Padmakumar, Diphan, and Vinod Vijayan. Its cast includes Jayasurya Marudu, Anoop Menon, Unni Mukundan, Fahad Fazil and Asif Ali. The film is produced by Vinod Vijayan, Seven Arts Mohan and Faisal Latheef under the banner of D Cutz Film Company and distributed by Seven Arts International.


Oru Bolivian Diary 1995
Asif Ali as Chinnan
Samuthirakani as Chaukidaar
Ananya as Indumathi
Aadukalam Naren as Nripan Chakraborthy
Gangs of Vadakkumnathan
Jayasurya as Varaal Jaison
Anoop Menon as Akbar
Unni Mukundan as Sharath
Rajeev Pillai as Sudheer Mallya
Irshad as Narendran
Parvathy as Lora
Deepak Parambol as Kuppi Simon
Arun as Media Person
Joju George
The Day of Judgement
Fahadh Faasil as Dr. Sunil Mathew
Bhama as Jeena
Tanushree Ghosh as Sarena Mohammed
Jinu Joseph as Vishnu
Pooja as Teena


Oru Bolivian Diary 1995Edit

Oru Bolivian Diary 1995, set in a tribal habitat deep down the jungle, is about a North Indian Maoist leader Chaukidar (Samuthirakani) who comes to Wayanad to spread his doctrines among the local tribes. They assassinate policemen, and a tribal youth Chinnan (Asif Ali) tries to protect Chaukidar from police. Though Chinnan is apprehended, interrogated and eliminated, Chaukidar remains at bay, continuing to spread his influence. It is shown that Chaukidar is inspired by the book The Bolivian Diary of Ernesto Che Guevara written by Che Guevara. These events are narrated by police inspector Narain, to reporter Indumathi (Ananya) 15 years after the incident. It is finally revealed that Indumathi is also a supporter of Maoism, inspired by the same book which influenced Chaukidar.

Gangs of VadakkumnathanEdit

Gangs of Vadakkumnathan is a gangster film tells about black money and gang wars of Thrissur town. A murder of a tycoon happens in Bangalore and 7.50 billion are lost, and Inspector Akbar (Anoop Menon) arrives at Thrissur, at the behest of the tycoon’s son for investigating the murder case, with a promise of a share in the recovered money. Akbar’s team suspect the deadly Gangs of Vadakkumnathan and a jeweller to be involved. Akbar finds the money and eliminates the gangs and the jeweller tactfully, and returns with only part of the money, the rest of which his team keeps. It is finally revealed that unbeknownst to anyone, Akbar was the one who murdered the tycoon and planned the entire setup.

The Day of Judgement

The Day of Judgement is about the agony suffered by a doctor – Sunil Mathew (Fahadh Faasil) after his wife’s death.

Dr.Sunil’s mentally unstable wife Jeena (Bhama) has fallen from the balcony to her death. Police suspect Sunil, but they inform him that “another” dead body has been found from his villa, and they bring him in early morning for questioning about that “dead body”. But no questioning happens all day at the station, and instead police keep telling him that the body was that of one of his nurses, Maya, and all evidence of the murder points to him, including his friend Vishnu’s testimony. Sunil escapes from the police station and decides to confront Vishnu to prove his innocence. On the way, he realizes that no murder really occurred; police have laid a trap for him along with Vishnu to make him confess to Jeena’s murder (which Sunil has in fact committed by actually pushing her down from the balcony as he could not tolerate her mental illness), and they are probably waiting for him at Vishnu’s house to try to record him admitting his guilt as evidence and trap him. Sunil instead goes to the bus stand and escapes.


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