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Do Fantoosh Dvd (Download)

A local reporter, with the help of his friend, publishes an article on a gangster to expose him. However, things go awry when the gangster decides to retaliate.
Release date:- 1994 (India)
Directors:-Veerendra, Sikander Bharti


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Do Fantoosh (Hindi: दो फंटूस) is a 1994 Bollywood film starring Raj Babbar, Sonam, Shakti Kapoor and Amjad Khan and directed by Veerendra and Sikander Bharti. The film started production in 1988 and was delayed after director Veerendra’s death. Sikander Bharti stepped in to revive the film and complete it for release in 1994. The film is dedicated to Amjad Khan, who died two years before the film’s release.


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