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Dreamland dvd

A teenager’s adventures as a bounty hunter take an unexpected twist.


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Dreamland is a 2019 American thriller film directed by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte from a screenplay by Nicolaas Zwart.The film stars Finn Cole, Margot Robbie, Travis Fimmel, Garrett Hedlund, Kerry Condon, Darby Camp and Lola Kirke.


In 1930s Texas, Eugene Evans lives with his family in a small town. The land is drought-stricken and dust storms plague the country. When Eugene is five his father abandons his family. Eugene lives his days stealing dime novels with his buddy Joseph, fantasizing of another life. His mother remarried a lawman, George Evans who does his best to act as a father figure to Eugene and his younger sister Phoebe.

One day a town meeting takes place and the sheriff shows a wanted poster for Alison Wells; who is wanted for $10,000 for bank robbing and murder. Eugene and Joseph intend to search for her. George tells Eugene to take responsibility. Later, Eugene sneaks to the barn to read. He notices bandages and a woman pointing a revolver at him. Knowing her from the wanted poster, Eugene and Alison make a deal. He cleans her wounds and in return, Alison will tell him what happened.

To gain Eugene’s trust Alison gives him the revolver. She explains when she was robbing a bank, the police took no issue firing into an innocent crowd and a stray bullet killed a young girl. Shocked by the death, Alison was shot in the leg before speeding off in a car. Alison tells Eugene that she will give him $20,000 if he helps her get a vehicle to Mexico. Eugene agrees.

Phoebe sees Eugene spying on Allison and asks him what he’s looking at. He tells her there are dead dogs in the barn. She doesn’t believe him and goes into the barn but runs out after seeing bloody rags. Eugene tells Joseph that he’s met someone offering them money for Joseph’s family’s car. Joseph denies the request.

Returning to the barn Eugene finds an anxious Alison who claims she’s feeling cooped up and needs to get out of the area. Eugene takes her swimming at a local watering hole. Almost being caught by the property owner, the two take off naked back to the farm.

At the town dance, Eugene overhears George mentioning evidence against Alison at the police station. Stealing his step father’s keys, Eugene breaks into the evidence room discovering photographs of the crime scene. He discovers Alison had lied and failed to mention accomplice, Perry who killed people. While running from the police both were shot and Perry died. Eugene confronts Alison, claiming she lied to him.

George discovers a torn cloth from Alison’s dress and takes it to the sheriff as proof of her being in the area. The sheriff fires George, believing he gave Eugene the keys to gain evidence which Eugene burnt. George drives back to the farm. George confronts Eugene telling him they may lose their home.

Eugene and Allison leave town in the family truck. Alison believes Eugene came because he loves her and tells him she does not love him in return and intended to go alone. Eugene reminds her his father is in Mexico and this is his chance to find him. They stop at a hotel. Alison takes a shower and invites Eugene in, leading to them having sex.

The following morning, in need of money they Rob a Bank. Eugene holds the customer’s hostage as Alison raids the tellers. One hostage takes advantage of a brief hesitation and takes aim at Alison. Eugene fires one shot into the man’s head, killing him. They make their getaway.

Driving down the road, Eugene insists they pull over. They do and Alison pleads with him to get back in the car while he walks away into the woods. George and a small posse are on their trail, with Eugene’s sister Phoebe hidden in the back seat. Alison and Eugene both admit their wrongdoings to each other. Alison embraces him and tells him they can baptize themselves in the ocean and begin a new life together.

As they run back to the car George fires a shot, hitting Alison. As she lays dying, Eugene kneels with her. George tells his men to lay down their weapons as Eugene fires a shot into George’s leg. George tells his men not to fire at Eugene. Phoebe yells at him to run. Eugene hurries to the truck and quickly speeds off. Phoebe, narrating the entire story, says the family never saw Eugene again.


Finn Cole as Eugene Evans
Margot Robbie as Allison Wells
Travis Fimmel as George Evans
Garrett Hedlund as Perry Montroy
Kerry Condon as Olivia Evans
Darby Camp as Young Phoebe Evans
Lola Kirke as Older Phoebe Evans/Narrator (voice)[4]
Hans Christopher as John Baker


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