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Durgamati dvd

A bureaucrat is imprisoned in a haunted house for interrogation. However, things take an unexpected turn when she gets possessed by a spirit.


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Durgamati is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language horror thriller film directed by G. Ashok which is a remake of his own Telugu-Tamil bilingual film Bhaagamathie (2018). It stars Bhumi Pednekar as an IAS officer, with Arshad Warsi, Jisshu Sengupta and Mahie Gill playing supporting roles. The film is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Akshay Kumar and Vikram Malhotra under T-Series, Cape of Good Films and Abundantia Entertainment.


The film starts with Ishwar Prasad, a politician who vows to resign from his post if the government fails to recover idols stolen over six months. This troubles his political rivals, who forge a plan to destroy his credibility with CBI Joint Director Satakshi Ganguly and Assistant Commissioner of Police Abhay Singh. The two plan to interrogate IAS Chanchal Chauhan, a close confidante of Ishwar, who is in jail for murdering her fiancé Shakti, Abhay’s brother. To avoid attention, they shift her to Durgamati Bungalow, a dilapidated, supposedly haunted house in the outskirts of a city, for the interrogation. The CBI question Chanchal to get some clues against Ishwar, but she repeats that he is a good man and doubts his integrity without proof in a cryptic but leading manner. Later that night, the spirit of Durgamati, the Queen of the house before independence, takes control of Chanchal. The CBI team calls upon a psychiatrist to investigate the matter, who concludes that Chanchal must be schizophrenic as she seems to take on a different persona and narrate some story from a book as if it were her own. He suggests that the CBI commit her to an asylum. However, Abhay suspects that this might be a ploy by her to escape and arranges for a spiritual guru to find out if there is paranormal activity. The guru suggests a few indicators. Later, Abhay discovers that those indicators indicate the presence of ghosts in the bungalow. He also finds Chanchal hurting herself under the influence of the spirit. This leads to Abhay taking Chanchal to a mental hospital. Ishwar visits her at the mental asylum, and it is revealed that Chanchal had planned the entire thing to escape the CBI in return for a 300 Crore kickback from Ishwar. It is also shown that Ishwar had forced Chanchal to kill Shakti (her fiancé) to hide his scam regarding a welfare project. Meanwhile, Satakshi realizes that Chanchal was trying to convey the truth of Ishwar’s crimes using the story of Queen Durgamati, which she came across from the various writings and artifacts she had discovered in the bungalow. She also finds evidence of Ishwar’s misdeeds and the site where he hid the villagers after killing Shakti with a gun. Thus vindicated, Chanchal is seen running a charity organization in memory of Shakti. Satakshi then tells her that they thought they knew everything about her but never knew that she was a great magician in her childhood and learned Arabic. Chanchal replies by saying that she does not know Arabic, which shocks them, hinting that there was actual paranormal activity in the house.


Bhumi Pednekar as Chanchal Chauhan IAS / Durgamati
Arshad Warsi as Central Minister Ishwar Prasad, the main antagonist[7]
Jisshu Sengupta as ACP Abhay Singh (Shakti’s Elder Brother)[8]
Ramkrishana Dhakad as News reporter
Mahie Gill as CBI Chief Satakshi Ganguly[9]
Karan Kapadia as Shakti Singh[7]
Prabhat Raghunandan as Ajay Yadav
Ashok Sharma as Ajay’s father
Dhanraj as Nand Singh
Brij Bhushan Shukla as Gopi
Ada Singh as Satakshi’s daughter
Shoeb Ali as Sodhi
Shubhendra Gupta as Analyser
Chandan Vicky Roy as Darruk
Amit Behl as Jose
K. Durga Prasad as Selvam
Muskan Lalwani as Malti Sharma
Anant Mahadevan as Psychiatrist
Tanya Abrol as PSI Peetal Devi (Constable)


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