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Dutta Vs Dutta Dvd

Biren’s dreams and aspirations for his family come crashing down when his daughter elopes with a Naxalite and his son sets off to be an actor, rather than being a barrister.

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Dutta Vs Dutta is a 2012 Indian Bengali film directed by Anjan Dutt. This is Anjan Dutt’s semi-autobiographical film. Most of the film has been shot in a house of Amherst Street in Kolkata. Anjan has described this house resonated feel of his old house of Beniapukur.

The film received mixed reviews. According to Anandabazar Patrika reviewer Sangeeta Bandopadhyay, this was Anjan Dutt’s best film. This opinion was shared by another Bengali newspaper Ei Samay. However, The Times of India said that “the plot comes across as a total mishmash and therefore, loses punch”.


Biren Dutta is a lawyer. He is unsuccessful in his career and does not have any client. His wife is an alcoholic.The couple have one son and one daughter. Biren Dutta has an extra-marital affair with his only client. Biren’s daughter China first falls in love with Ghenti Kaku, who is of her father’s age, and later, with a guy who is involved with Naxalite movement. She runs away with the latter without the permission of her parents. Biren’s teenaged son, Rono, comes back from boarding school since Biren can no longer afford pay school fees. Biren wants Rono to be a barrister but Rono wants to become an actor. Biren’s father starts a music school in the house. China comes back with her Naxal husband and is accepted by her father. The couple later settle in the US. One of Rono’s Naxalite friends takes shelter in the house to evade the police. Biren, unaware of this, has an altercation with the police when they come to the house searching for the boy. The police take him away to a police station, where he is beaten up, and drop him home 3 days later. Biren suffers a major setback and stops talking to anyone. In the end, Rono gets a role in a film by Mrinal Sen (Anjan Dutta’s first film was also with Mrinal Sen). The film ends on that positive note.


Anjan Dutt as Biren Dutta
Ronodeep Bose as Rono (Biren Dutta’s teenage son)
Arpita Chatterjee as China (Biren Dutta’s daughter)
Rita Koiral as Rita (Biren Dutta’s wife)
Kaushik Sen the Naxalite (China’s husband)
Shankar Chakraborty as Ghenti Kaku
Deepankar De as grandfather
Roopa Ganguly as Runu
Somak Ghosh (RJ Somak) as Doi
Parno Mittra as Nandita aka. Diana
Srijit Mukherji as Tony Mukherjee


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