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Ganga Aur Ranga Dvd (Download)

Narpath kills his brother Dhanpath and his family over a property dispute. Dhanpath’s son Ranga escapes the massacre with the help of a girl named Ganga. Ranga vows to seek revenge. Will he succeed?
Initial release:- 1994
Director:-Joginder Shelly


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Ganga Aur Ranga (Hindi: गंगा और रंगा) is a 1994 Bollywood film starring Huma Khan and Shakti Kapoor.



Thakur Dhanpath lives a wealthy lifestyle in a small village in India along with his wife, two daughters, and two sons. One of his sons is a hunchback named Ranga (Joginder Shelly). Dhanpath also has a younger brother, Narpath (Suresh Chatwal), both they do not get along, so much so that Narpath takes over the estate and throws Dhanpath and his family out of the house. Forced to live in destitution, Dhanpath encourages the village folks to speak out against Narpath’s oppression.


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