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Gundagardi Dvd

Kalicharan, a gang leader, terrorises the entire city. To put an end to Kalicharan’s activities, Police Commissioner Karan Singh is given charge.


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Gundagardi (English: Hooliganism or rowdyism) is a 1997 Indian Hindi-language film directed by V. Sai Prasad and produced by M.C. Bokadia, starring Vijayashanti, Raj Babbar and Gulshan Grover with Dharmendra in a supporting role. It did well in small city but did very bad at the box office. it was a major flop suffering extremely huge and heavy losses, but its songs, especially “Bahar Baras Raha Hai Pani”, composed by Jatin Lalit were huge hits.


The two brothers Kalicharan and Narshima cause havoc all over the city. The police call in Karan Singh as the most effective policeman to fight against them. His sister was married to a journalist. He encounters a murder of the minister by Kalicharan and decides to print their photos in the newspaper. But before he can do that he is killed along with his wife. Dipa is an eyewitness to this murder. But he soon plans and makes Dipa the key suspect in an attempt-to-murder case of the home minister. Karan Singh, in the meanwhile, trains Dipa to fight back against the goons. She manages to get the files containing the proof. Kalicharan is arrested and taken to court. Narshima makes a number of attempts to free his brother. A severe struggle ensues and Narshima and Kalicharan get death sentences.


Aditya Pancholi as Raja
Vijayashanti as Deepa
Dharmendra as Commissiomer Karan Singh
Raj Babbar as Kalicharan
Ayub Khan as Ajay
Simran as Guddi
Gulshan Grover as Narsimha
Harish Kumar (in song Saila Saila)


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