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Gunehgar Dvd

Cop Ajay Thakur decides to apprehend and kill the terrorists, who plan to usurp Kashmir from India. But his sister thwarts his plan when she falls in love with one of the terrorists.


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Gunehgar (transl. Wrongdoer) is a 1995 Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Vikram Bhatt, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Atul Agnihotri, Pooja Bhatt, Tisca Chopra and Kiran Kumar. This film was produced by Maann Singh Deep and Kalyani Singh.


The film deals with the fight against terrorism, and Mithun plays the role of D.I.G. of Police. Ajay Thakur is a long-time employee serving with the Indian police force; his motive in life involves bringing justice to the freedom fighters ,who in reality are terrorists headed by Habibullah and his younger brother, Munna. All of them are in reality on a deadly mission namely to separate Kashmir from India. Ajay meets with partial success when he shoots Munna, injuring him and thus arresting him in the process. This success gets him promoted to Deputy Inspector General (D.I.G). Later Munna manages to escape from custody and assassinates Ajay’s wife whilst on the run. Meanwhile Ajay’s journalist sister, Pooja meets a guy, Rohit who rescues her from her car after realising its fitted with a bomb. Pooja falls in love with Rohit but unbeknown to Pooja, Rohit is a mere pawn in the hands of Habibullah. His gang is holding Rohit’s father as hostage so that he kidnaps Pooja and delivers her to his gang. Once Rohit does what Habibullah asks, his gang hold both Rohit and Pooja as hostages. Ajay manages to find out the gangs where-about which is an old mosque and he must go to negotiate the release of his sister, Pooja.


Mithun Chakraborty… D.I.G. Ajay Thakur
Atul Agnihotri… Rohit
Pooja Bhatt… Pooja Thakur
Tisca Chopra… Priya (as Priya Arora)
Kiran Kumar… Habibullah
Baby Gazala
Mushtaq Khan… Maulvi
Anil Nagrath… Amirbaba
Vishwajeet Pradhan… Munna
Ishrat Ali… Mujihadeen member
Ram P. Sethi… Mujihadeen member
Girja Shankar… Indian Member of Parliament (Mantri)
Mahavir Shah… Noorudin “Noora”
Naresh Suri… Chachu


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