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Halo Dvd

Sasha, a seven-year-old girl, loses her puppy, Halo, in the streets of Mumbai. She refuses to sit and sulk about it and decides to find him at any cost.


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Halo is a 1996 Indian drama film directed by Santosh Sivan. It tells the story of Sasha (Benaf Dadachandji), who is searching for her lost puppy in the streets of Mumbai and the variety of people that she meets.


Halo revolves around a seven-year-old girl, Sasha (Benaf Dadachandji), who is in quest of her lost puppy. Having lost her mother in childhood, she yearns for mother’s love and always feels lonely, even though there is a doting father in Rajkumar Santoshi. During vacation, when all the other kids are busy playing, she sits silently and doesn’t even eat properly. So, the gluttonous servant fabricates a story that a miracle will happen in form of a Halo. There comes a street dog and Sasha believes it to be the miracle, the God-sent Halo. She adopts it and names it Halo. Now her life revolves around him. She sleeps, she drinks, she eats with him. Her father doesn’t object. One day Halo is lost. Sasha is terribly upset. The quest of her lost puppy takes her through the terrifying streets of Mumbai to the neurotic editor of a newspaper, a gang of smugglers (led by Tinnu Anand), a police commissioner (Mukesh Rishi) and a colorful gang of street urchins.


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