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Karan, a feared hitman, falls in love with Kajal but she is married off to Raju. However, when Raju plans to expose his father’s illegal activities, Karan is hired to kill him.


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Jeet (transl. Victory) is a 1996 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film starring Sunny Deol, Salman Khan and Karisma Kapoor. It is directed by Raj Kanwar and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.



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Kajal (Karisma Kapoor) is the daughter of Prof. Sidhant Sharma (Alok Nath). Kajal is an innocent girl and always lived her life on her principles and with values taught by her father to always take stand for truth. Karan (Sunny Deol) is a criminal working for Gajraj Chaudhry (Amrish Puri). The film starts with Gajraj told by his accomplices that one journalist is writing stuff against him, so he orders Karan to kill him. Karan kills that journalist in a market full of people including Kajal and his father standing in the crowd who witnessed the whole merciless tragedy. Kajal’s father reports the crime being the eyewitness, to police. When Karan got to know about the report, he enters Kajal’s house and starts beating her father. In order to protect her father and stop Karan, she slaps him. For the first time, Karan notices her and gets in eye contact with her which stopped him (as he got stuck with beauty and charm in her eyes). And then Karan goes to Tulsi (Tabu), a prostitute in one brothel where he is not able to forget Kajal’s eyes and in frustration leaves the brothel. Karan starts stalking her and when she is stopped by him in a temple. Kajal felt disgraced, faced her fear and without being scared, lashed out on him by criticizing his behavior and thinking that he wants to fulfill his lust for her, after listening to which Karan feels disgusted and leaves the temple.

Karen’s soft side is depicted where he saved one child, named Timepass, being mistreated by customers at a bar and took that child with him to his place after knowing that he is an orphan and lives on streets and works to survive which shows the reason of his present state, and why he wants to save the child from the horrors of life, and save that child’s childhood which Karan had lost. After, Kajal and some other women are on a bus and are being harassed by some goons from which Karan saves them and hands over the goons to the police. After witnessing his courage and goodness in Karan to do the right thing, Kajal becomes infatuated with him and gets interested in him. Kajal becomes friends with Timepass from whom she gets to know Karan more and wants to be friends with him. She approached him through Timepass(child) and meets him regularly and in one meeting she made him realize the true value of friendship which Karan had never known because of his troublesome life. Once witnessing his terror in people she criticizes and asks for a promise to change his life for her. Karan who had never been asked to be good since his childhood, and now this girl wants to see him a changed man, teaches him true values of life, all this makes him want to be a good person. Karan leaves the criminal world to be with Kajal. Karan is now madly and passionately in love with Kajal and can’t bear even the thought of losing her. One day at temple Kajal prays for his new beginning by expressing her love and promises that she won’t let him be shattered again.

Raju (Salman Khan), son of Kajal’s father’s childhood friend Ramakant Sahaye(Dalip Tahil), is enthusiastic, mischievous and flirtatious towards Kajal, and has come back from America to fulfill the desire of his parents for him to marry Kajal. Kajal does not know about this fact. She gets to know about it when she is told by his father about the marriage plans with Raju. She confessed to her father about her love for Karan and refuses to marry Raju, after listening to this and thinking about her afterlife with a goon, her father suffers a major heart attack. To save her father, being the righteous girl and thinking it is her duty towards her father, she agrees to marry Raju. Karan gets furious with this and goes to Kajal’s house to beg for her love but Kajal disclaims her love and backs out and asks him to forget her and never to return. Kajal considers the circumstances that how she was helpless to be with Karan and in saving her father’s life, she realizes that she should not dwell in her past and it is best now that she should accept the truth and move on. (Again, this shows her power to sacrifice her wishes to do what is morally right for her and what she is supposed to do).

Kajal marries Raju. Karan fails to prevent the marriage and is upset, so he returns to a criminal lifestyle. Kajal promises to her father while bidding adieu that she will fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a wife in true and every sense. Raju and Kajal go to their honeymoon and in front of Raju’s late mother’s photograph, Raju confessed his passionate love for kajal for years. With time she falls in love with Raju and they both are very happy with each other. They return to India after the honeymoon. However, she faints after overhearing Raju and his father’s argument about their illegal affairs in businesses. Through a Doctor Raju gets to know that Kajal is pregnant but she is unhappy about the fact that their child will take born in an environment full of crimes and violence which she has been against all her life and criticizes his business’s activities to which Raju replies that he did not know about the illegal affairs taking place, and promises to give her and their child the right environment and leaves Raju’s fathers house.

Because of Raju’s decision, Gajraj worries about his interests in Raju’s father’s business thinking, Raju might become a danger to his business, and orders Karan to kill Raju. Karan who is unknown about Raju’s reality goes to his house to kill him and there he comes across Kajal and finds out that Raju is the husband of Kajal. Kajal after seeing the old Karan in her house gets scared about his return in her life fearing that Karan is after her happy life now. Instead, Karan is on to the purpose of saving Raju now for Kajal’s sake. One day after being rescued by Karan from goons Raju (who is unconscious) is taken to his house and where Kajal apologizes to Karan for her deeds with him which is overheard by Raju. Raju tells both Kajal and Karan about his discovery of their past. Raju very wisely understands and tackles the whole situation and conveys his thoughts about destiny’s plays and its tricks in their lives that humans are helpless against destiny, but he believes in love and says love is the essence which connects people and that he respects Kajal and Karan’s past and praises Kajal’s fulfillment of her ‘dharma’ towards him and says that he will name their child Karan if it’s a boy.

Then suddenly Raju, Kajal, and Karan are attacked by Gajraj’s goons and in escaping the house under attack Kajal suffers labor pains. Karan notices that and takes Raju and Kajal to a safe place. He reaches the brothel and asks Tulsi to help Kajal deliver the child safely. Goons chase them to the brothel where Karan and Raju indulge in a fight with the goons. At one point where Gajaraj is about to shoot Raju, Karan comes in between and takes the shots. Timepass then gives Karan a gun and he shoots Gajraj with it, killing him. Karan dies at the moment when Kajal delivers her baby. and the film ends with Raju holding their son whom Kajal calls with the name ‘Karan’.


Sunny Deol as Karan Bansal, a criminal and Gajraj’s rival who falls in love with Kajal.
Karisma Kapoor as Kajal Sharma/Kajal Rajnath Sahay, unwillingly married to Raju.
Salman Khan as Rajnath “Raju” Sahay, Ramakant’s son and Kajal’s husband
Tabu as Tulsi, a prostitute
Amrish Puri as Gajraj Choudhary, a gangster (don), previously Karan’s boss main antagonist
Dalip Tahil as Ramakant “Rama” Sahay, Sidhant’s friend and Raju’s father.
Alok Nath as Sidhant Sharma, Kajal’s father, a professor
Ashish Vidyarthi as Imran Dholakia, a police officer.
Master Mohsin Memon as Timepass.
Johnny Lever as Piajee.
Mohan Joshi as Rabaj Kumarika, Gajraj’s friend.
Divya Bharti as herself; in archive footage as a tribute.


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