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Koi… Mil Gaya Dvd

Rohit, a youth with a mental disability, befriends an alien. When the police learn about the alien, they try to capture it while Rohit tries his best to protect his new friend.


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Koi… Mil Gaya (English: Found Someone) is a 2003 Indian Hindi-language sci-fi drama film directed by Rakesh Roshan and is the first installment in the Krrish franchise. The film, released on 8 August 2003, stars Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta alongside Rekha. Koi… Mil Gaya received the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues, and was screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival and the NatFilm Festival in Denmark. The film won Best Film, Best Director (Rakesh Roshan), and Best Actor (Hrithik Roshan) through various major Bollywood award ceremonies, including the Filmfare Awards and Screen Awards. The film would go on to spawn 2 sequels—Krrish and Krrish 3—making it the first of the Krrish trilogy. It also spawned a spin-off children’s TV series titled J Bole Toh Jadoo that aired on Nickelodeon India. The film’s theme has parallels to the 1982 Hollywood classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, as well as Satyajit Ray’s The Alien—the story of which is actually said to have been the inspiration for E.T. However, director Roshan has stated that Koi… Mil Gaya is “not an Indian E.T.”, as the story of an intellectually-disabled boy coming in contact with an alien appears to parallel The Alien much closer than it does E.T.


Scientist Sanjay Mehra (Rakesh Roshan) creates a computer from which he sends variations of the syllable om into space, hoping to attract extraterrestrial life. When he believes he has finally received a response, the scientific community mocks him. While driving home, an alien spacecraft appears overhead. Distracted, Sanjay drives off the road, causing the car to explode, killing him. His pregnant wife Sonia (Rekha) survives and returns home to India. When their son Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) is born, he is mentally disabled due to an injury he received in the accident as a fetus. Sonia learns that although surgery is the only solution to Rohit’s disability, but it could result in paralysis or death. Not wanting to lose her only remaining relation & sign of her husband, she raises him in the town of Kasauli, where he grows up to be a man of limited intellect.

Nisha Malhotra (Preity Zinta), a young lady comes to Kasauli and is initially antagonistic to Rohit due to his childish pranks against her. This causes her friend, Raj (Rajat Bedi), and his buddies to attack Rohit and break his kick scooter. Rohit’s mother chastises Nisha and Raj for assaulting Rohit, signalling them that Rohit didn’t intentionally make fun of her or wanted to hurt her. Realizing her mistake, Nisha gifts Rohit a new bike and introduces him to her parents, who are also sympathetic.

Rohit and Nisha, now good friends, find Sanjay’s old ‘Om’ computer and Rohit inadvertently summons the aliens. The visiting aliens leave in haste, leaving one from their group behind. Rohit, Nisha and Rohit’s young friends find and befriend the alien, naming him Jadoo (“Magic”) and discover his psychokinetic abilities. Raj does not like Nisha getting too much close to Rohit so bullies him and spreads a fake rumour that he and Nisha are getting married. This upsets Nisha and Rohit, who is especially hurt as he was under the impression that Nisha was his girlfriend.

Jadoo discovers that Rohit is mentally abnormal, and also gets to know that the reason behind his weakness & his father’s death was the spaceship and uses his powers, derived from sunlight, to enhance Rohit’s mental & intellectual ability. The next morning, Rohit finds himself with a clear vision; he later solves a 10th standard mathematics problem orally, despite being from 7th standard, surprising his mathematics teacher and even the principal. He later lectures his computer teacher for insulting him and to understand the responsibilities of being a teacher. As a result, Rohit finds himself accepted by most of the school.

Rohit’s physical abilities are also increased to superhuman levels. Later, Raj challenges Rohit and his friends to a basketball match. Rohit uses his new physique to score several baskets during the match so Raj and his gang begin to play dirty to win the game. After the sun comes out, Jadoo helps Rohit and his young friends to win the game. The now changed Rohit meets Nisha and her parents and confesses his love for her, which Nisha now reciprocates.

Raj and his friends later corner Rohit’s friends over their supernatural performance at the basketball game. Rohit’s friends are forced to flee and Jadoo accidentally falls from their grasp. Inspector Sukhwani, (Johnny Lever) sees Jadoo in the bag and informs the authorities. The policemen capture the bag, although Rohit arrives in time to rescue Jadoo. He is later confronted by Raj and his buddies. Rohit, now infuriated, easily takes down Raj and his buddies but not before the police catch up to him. It is then revealed that Jadoo was not in the bag and had escaped when Sukhwani was busy calling the Police.

However, the police are suspicious of Rohit and confront him at his house. They take Jadoo and knock Rohit out. When he regains consciousness, Rohit uses his super-speed to catch up to the police cars and arrives just in time to save Jadoo from being taken to America. The spaceship, which he had summoned with his father’s computer beforehand, arrives back and Rohit bids a sad farewell to Jadoo. As Jadoo leaves, Rohit loses his powers and reverts to his disabled self. This saves him from prosecution by the Indian government who felicitate him for his actions.

After everything dies down, Raj and his buddies return to harass Rohit and challenge him to kick a ball to them. An enraged Rohit kicks the ball into the bully’s face as Jadoo returns Rohit’s powers permanently. Rohit and Nisha thank Jadoo and get married.


Hrithik Roshan as Rohit Mehra
Preity Zinta as Nisha Malhotra
Rekha as Sonia Mehra
Prem Chopra as Harbans Saxena
Rajat Bedi as Raj Saxena
Rajeev Verma as Mr. Malhotra
Johnny Lever as Chelaram Sukhwani
Mukesh Rishi as Inspector Khurshid Khan
Mithilesh Chaturvedi as Mr. Mathur, Rohit’s computer teacher
Rakesh Roshan as Sanjay Mehra
Akash Khurana as Rohit’s Catholic school principal
Beena Banerjee as Indu
Anuj Pandit Sharma as Bittu (Super Six)
Hansika Motwani as Priya (Super Six)
Pranita Bishnoi as Rohit’s Friends (Super Six)
Indra Vardhan Purohit as Jaadoo (uncredited)


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