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Rakhtbeej Dvd

Fate ensures that Abhay, a veteran dacoit exposed by the corrupt police-goonda nexus, and Ajay, a young powerful businessman crippled by rivals, meet each other, with unexpected consequences.


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Rakhtbeej is a Bollywood political thriller movie directed by Anil Ballani, released in 2012.


The cast includes

Mansi Dovhal
Rajesh Khattar
Tinu Anand
Sayantani Nandi
K. Jeeva
Yatin Karyekar
Sanjay R Gagnani
Julia Dutt
Master Divyaansh
Jay Shanker Pandey as Chabeela
Rakhi Sawant as item number


The movie is based on the two men Abhay and Ajay (both played by Maanas) whose fate take them to powerful positions in business and politics. Due to a love triangle and their enmity with other powerful politicians and business men their life goes for a toss.


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