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Return of Jewel Thief Dvd

Vinay Kumar, a billionaire, gets into trouble when the Kohinoor diamond gets stolen from the exhibition held at his jewellery store. He must find it or lose his shop to the British Government.


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Return of Jewel Thief is a 1996 Indian Hindi film directed by Ashok Tyagi. It is a sequel to the original 1967 film Jewel Thief, that starred Dev Anand and Ashok Kumar who reprise their roles in this film. The cast of the film also includes Dharmendra, Jackie Shroff, Shilpa Shirodkar and Anu Agarwal.


The British Government agrees to lend the priceless Kohinoor diamond for an exhibition to the multi-billionaire Vinay Kumar, on posting the security of Vinay’s jewel collection worth Rs.500 billion. Despite top security, the Kohinoor diamond gets stolen. The prime suspects are Vinay himself, as simultaneously his jewel collection posted as security goes missing; Police Commissioner Surya Dev Singh, the very last person to have supposedly handled the diamond as also being the son of Prince Arjun, the jewel thief from the original film; Con-man Johnny, who has acquired a reputation of being a jewel thief; Jukaso, a gangster of international repute; and Chief Minister Neelkanth who had, in the presence of Surya Dev Singh, kept the Kohinoor in his safe. With the Chief Minister and the Police Commissioner themselves suspects, no one really knows who the real criminal is.


Dev Anand… Vinay Kumar / Prince Amar
Ashok Kumar… Prince Arjun
Dharmendra… Police Commissioner Surya Dev Singh
Jackie Shroff… Jatin Kumar ‘Johnny’
Shilpa Shirodkar… Sonu
Anu Agarwal… Princess Vishaka
Madhoo… Madhoo
Prem Chopra… Minister Neelkanth
Sadashiv Amrapurkar… Jukaso
Hemant Choudhary… Police Officer


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