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Rogue Dvd

O’Hara is a mercenary leading a squad of soldiers on their mission to rescue hostages in remote part of Africa. Unfortunately the mission goes wrong and the team are stranded, forced to survive against the local rebels.


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Rogue is a 2020 American action thriller film directed by M. J. Bassett, who wrote the screenplay with her daughter,

Isabella. The film stars Megan Fox as a mercenary whose team gets trapped in Africa and must fight to survive against both the local insurgents and a lioness. The film was released on August 28, 2020.


Within the grasslands of Eastern Africa, Samantha O’Hara and her team of multinational mercenaries, Joey Kasinski, Mike Barasa, Bo Yinn, Elijah Dekker, Pata, and TJ are dispatched on a rescue mission to retrieve Asila Wilson, the daughter of a governor, and her two friends Chloe and Tessa, who had been abducted for ransom purposes by Zalamm, a war lord. The mission is successful. While pursued across the plains by Zalamm’s henchmen, a violent gunfight ensues atop the cliffs, in which TJ is killed, forcing the survivors to escape by leaping into the river below. Regrouping on the shoreline, Samantha orders for her team to find civilization and call their employers for an extraction; while arguing, Chloe is then seemingly killed by a crocodile, as upsetting as the situation is, they are forced to move on.

While travelling, the team comes across an abandoned game farm; which Elijah confirms belonged to poachers, who specialized in trafficking wild animals for the exotic pet trade. At nightfall, the group find themselves stalked through the ranch by a lone lioness, who had slaughtered the previous occupants after escaping from her cage; Elijah is the first to be killed. Bo is then mauled by the lioness and is seriously injured. Samantha and Joey manage to find and power the generator to call for the extraction but Barasa is violently mauled by the lioness while helping them avoid it. Pata tells the group that Asila was taken not just for the ransom but because her father was given control of the entire region and also that he is the former Al-Shabaab fighter, much to Tessa’s shock. Pata also tells them that the rebels killed his family after he left the militant group.


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