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Sayonee dvd

When the fiance of national shooting gold medalist Rajdeep Randhava goes missing in Russia, he must put his life at stake and take on conjuring gypsies, corrupt indo-eruo cops, pythoned assassins, butcher smugglers and the Russian brathva mafia all alone to find the truth behind Mahi’s disappearance. But can Raj handle the truth?


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Sayonee (Urdu: سیونی‎ transl. Soulmate) is a song by the Pakistani sufi rock band Junoon, released in April, 1997. It is the first track from the band’s fourth album, Azadi (1997), released on EMI Records. Written by lead guitarist and founder of the band Salman Ahmad and writer Sabir Zafar, it is the lead single on the album, the song uses blends of rock guitars and bluesy vocals with traditional musical elements like the tabla percussion drums, Hindustani raga-inspired melodies styled and blended into Pakistani folk music


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