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Senior Moment dvd

After drag racing his vintage convertible around Palm Springs, a retired NASA test pilot loses his license. Forced to take public transportation, he meets Caroline and learns to navigate love and life again.


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Senior Moment is a 2021 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Giorgio Serafini and starring William Shatner, Jean Smart and Christopher Lloyd.



Victor Martin is a retired Air Force pilot and lifelong bachelor who relives his youth cruising in his mint condition, silver, 1955 Porsche 356, usually accompanied by his best friend, retired jeweler Sal Spinelli. Victor and Sal encounter Pablo Torres, driving a vintage Chevrolet Impala lowrider and challenge him to a friendly drag race. However, Pablo is aware that there is a cop hiding ahead, and proceeds within the speed limit, letting Victor get pulled over. The police officer recognizes Victor as a well known character in the community and lets him off with a stern warning.



William Shatner as Victor Martin – A retired pilot and sports car enthusiast.
Jean Smart as Caroline Summers[1] – Environmentalist who runs an organization to save the desert tortoise and owns an organic cafe. Victor meets her when forced to ride the bus, and they begin a romantic relationship.
Christopher Lloyd as Sal Spinelli – Victor’s best friend. A retired jewler.
Esai Morales as Diego Lozana – A successful artist and primary benefactor of Caroline’s charity. Victor falsely believes at one point that Caroline is having an affair with him.
Carlos Miranda as Pablo Torres – Victor’s street racing rival and, later, good friend.
Beth Littleford as Assistant DA Tess Woodson – She prosecutes Victor for reckless driving. Victor learns that she has unfairly made the driving test considerably more difficult than it used to be.
Katrina Bowden as Kristen – A model who has posed with Victor’s car in car magazine spreads. She and Victor share a close but innocent platonic friendship.
Ephraim Lopez as Steve – Victor’s neighbor that he gets to know and becomes friends with when his lifestyle is forced to slow down when he loses his drivers license.
Kaye Ballard
Denise DuBarry
Kal Smith as Timmy
“Hollywood” Joe Estevez


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