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Shadow in the Cloud Dvd

A female WWII pilot traveling with top secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress encounters an evil presence on board the flight


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Shadow in the Cloud is a 2020 action horror film directed by Roseanne Liang,[4] from a screenplay by Liang and Max Landis. Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Taylor John Smith, Nick Robinson, Beulah Koale and Callan Mulvey, the film follows a female WWII pilot travelling with top-secret documents on a B-17 Flying Fortress while encountering an evil presence on board.

Shadow in the Cloud had its world premiere on September 12, 2020 at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival, where it won the People’s Choice Award for Midnight Madness.[5] It was released on January 1, 2021, by Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment.


In August 1943, Maude Garrett, a female flight officer, is assigned to travel with top secret documents from Auckland, New Zealand, to Samoa. However, as soon as she arrives at the air base, she witnesses a ground crew ramper inexplicably disappearing before her eyes – just before suddenly finding herself standing right in front of her transport, a B-17 bomber christened the Fool’s Errand. The bomber’s crew gives her a mostly derisive welcome, and she is quartered in the Sperry for the takeoff. With no room left for her document bag, she reluctantly allows the only crew member friendly to her, Walter Quaid, to store it.

While stuck in the turret, Maude suddenly sees some sort of creature clinging to the underside of the bomber’s wing; she reports it, but most of the crew – except Beckell, who sights it too – dismisses it. When she is allowed to exit the turret, the hatch malfunctions, trapping her inside. When she reacts indignant about the crew’s comments to her situation, they abandon their attempts to open the hatch and the comm is cut off. After seeing a Japanese scouting plane appearing and disappearing close to the bomber, she is abruptly attacked by the creature, a gremlin; she fights it off, but ends up injured. When the crew contacts her again to ask about what happened, a radio message comes in telling them that a Maude Garrett doesn’t exist and is not registered for the flight. When they intend to take her out for questioning, Maude deliberately jams the turret’s gears and prepares to defend herself when the Japanese plane reappears and attacks. Taking control of the turret, she shoots it down, winning the crew’s grudging respect.


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