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Shiddat: Journey Beyond Love (transl. passion) is a 2021 Indian Hindi language romance drama film directed by Kunal Deshmukh and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Dinesh Vijan under their banners T-Series and Maddock Films, respectively. The film stars Sunny Kaushal, Radhika Madan, Mohit Raina and Diana Penty and principal photography began in November 2019. Shiddat wrapped up shooting in March 2020 and was targeting a September 2020 release, but the release was indefinitely delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The film premiered on 1 October 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar.

The film starts with the marriage of Gautam, an Indian Foreign Services officer, and Ira, a spirited social worker. Jaggi, a rank guest at the wedding, creates a scene and gets caught with his friends for gatecrashing the party. Jaggi later crosses the border illegally, intending to reach London but gets caught and taken back to the embassy where Gautam works. Jaggi explains to him that he has to reach London before Monday to his love, being inspired by Gautam’s speech. The film flashes back to three months ago.

Jaggi, a hockey player, meets Kartika, a swimmer, and though the two get off to a rocky start, they start spending time together, teaching each other their sport. After a party, they have sex. Jaggi later learns that Kartika is getting married and asks why she didn’t tell him. She replies that she was betrothed before meeting him and is sorry. He tells her that he truly loves her and she tells him that if his feelings are true, he should come to London after three months, in which case she will cancel the wedding. He tries to apply for a visa but fails to get one, and thus tries to go illegally.

After listening to Jaggi’s story, Gautam admits that his philosophy was just a reception speech. Ira and Gautam are currently separated as Gautam had exposed to the government that a young boy selling food on the street was a refugee staying illegally. Ira, who felt sympathy for the boy, argued with Gautam over this and left him.

Jaggi has to be deported to India. He tries to escape, but gets caught when he suffers injuries while saving his fellow traveler Bilal. Due to some problem in documentation, Jaggi’s flight is missed. Gautam has to keep Jaggi with him for 2 days till the next flight on Monday morning. On the way back home, Jaggi sees the other side of the English Channel and asks Gautam what lies on the other side. Listening to Gautam’s reply, Jaggi gets excited and laughs that he can swim and cross the sea. Both spend some time enjoying, and on the way, Jaggi sees a dress and wishes to buy it for Kartika. For the first time in 3 months, ultimately, he finally calls Kartika to enquire about her dress size. She is shocked to hear Jaggi’s voice. He says that he is in France and will try to reach there before Monday. She doesn’t believe him and thinks he is joking, but her phone battery drains out before they can speak further. The next day, Jaggi persuades Gautam to make a step to his relationship and calls Ira, who wishes to talk it out. At the restaurant, Ira instead asks for divorce and tells Gautam to sign the papers. He angrily signs the papers and leaves. On the way home, Jaggi sees a swimsuit and desires to swim the English Channel wearing that swimsuit. Angry, Gautam takes Jaggi to a swimming pool and makes him swim continuously, believing that as the English Channel is 20 miles long it would be nearly suicidal to cover the entire length by swimming.

The next day, Gautam is surprised to find Ira at his doorstep, and realizes that Jaggi, who has gone missing, is responsible for having made the call to her. Jaggi leaves behind a letter, stating that he will try to reunite with Kartika, no matter what. He then enters the sea in order to reach the other side of the United Kingdom. Here, Gautam and Ira try to find him out but they fail. Kartika is also concerned for him because Jaggi called her from a P.C.O. and claimed that he is coming for her through the channel.

Jaggi swims long as he can go, but starts losing energy by the middle of the sea, and faints. He is saved by some strangers. Gautam informs Kartika that Jaggi is safe and that he tried to cross English Channel in order to reach her. He asks her if she would have really broken off her marriage in the event that Jaggi would have crossed the sea, but she is confused and doesn’t have an answer. Seeing Jaggi’s intense love for her, she falls in love with him. She confesses her feelings to Jaggi on phone and demands that he pick her up fast.

Seeing the love between the two, Gautam helps Jaggi get a passport with a United Kingdom visa illegally. When Ira asks Gautam why he is risking his career for Jaggi, he admits that he felt guilty since Jaggi was willing to go to unimaginable lengths to reunite with his love but he himself wasn’t. For the last time, Jaggi goes to meet Bilal and tells him everything.

At the last moment when Gautam and Jaggi are about to board the plane, Bilal betrays Jaggi to the cops in return for a job, a house and legal citizenship. Seeing the police in search of him, Jaggi hides at the bottom of the plane. During his journey, Jaggi faints due to cold and dreams about him and Kartika but later falls to his death, being unable to hold to the landing gear on time. The cops later find Jaggi’s body and also the bag, which they hand over to Gautam. He goes to Kartika, giving her the dress Jaggi bought for her. She breaks down on learning of Jaggi’s death.

At the end, it is shown that Gautam and Ira reunited back and Gautam was telling Jaggi’s love story to his friends as they were remembering him, as he concludes saying that everyone has a story of love, and the only common factor binding them is the intensity of that love.

Sunny Kaushal as Joginder Dhillon aka Jaggi
Radhika Madan as Kartika
Mohit Raina as Gautam
Diana Penty as Ira
Vidhatri Bandi as Sheena
Gaurav Amlani as Pinki
Gandharv Dewan as Rana Chaudhary aka Rane
Chirag Malhotra as Bilal
Hoomayun as Nazir
Babraqk Akbari as Tarekh
Atul Kumar as Rajesh, Kartika’s father
Nazneen Madan as Kartika’s mother
Rajendra Shisatkat as Coach Damle
Diljohn as Kersie Marfatia
Floriane Andersen as Natalie


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