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The Wife dvd

The plot of the movie is the same old- married couple moving into a house and things started going wrong and in the climax it’s revealed that who among the three- pati, patni or the ghar, has a history with the ghost. The story itself is extremely mediocre and the end even more predictable. What disappointed me the most were the cliche tactics of provoking fear in the viewer.


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The Wife is a 2017 drama film directed by Björn L. Runge and written by Jane Anderson, based on the novel of the same name by Meg Wolitzer. It stars Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, and Christian Slater, and follows a woman who questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband,[4] who is set to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.


In 1958, young Joan Archer, a college student at Smith College, is awed by her professor Joseph Castleman, a handsome, young, married man, and his force of personality and advice that “a writer must write”; she is attracted to him. Later, Joan meets a published alumna female author whose cynical view of opportunities available to female writers disheartens her; but importantly, the woman tells her “a writer must be read.”

Two years later, Joseph has been fired for having an affair with Joan, his marriage is failing, and his first attempt at writing a novel turns out very poorly.

Joan, a secretary at a publishing house, observes how the all-male editors dismiss women writers. When Joan criticizes Joseph’s work, he threatens to end his relationship with her, claiming she cannot love “a hack.” Joan agrees to fix Joseph’s novel for him. The work, titled The Walnut, is published and becomes a bestseller. By 1968, Joseph and Joan are married and living in a large seaside home in Connecticut. Joan is hard at work on a novel, to be published under Joseph’s name, while Joseph supports her by cooking, cleaning, and caring for their first child, David. As Joseph and Joan converse, it is apparent that Joan’s novel is a reflection of their life together, which bores Joan. A narcissist, Joseph has several adulterous affairs over the next four decades, and tells everyone that Joan “does not write.”

By 1992, an elderly Joseph has become a celebrated author. He wins the Nobel Prize in Literature, about which Joan is less than happy. David, who idolizes his father but is unaware that Joan has written all of Joseph’s books, seeks his critique of his first short story. The three of them fly to Stockholm as Nathaniel Bone, a biographer with a taste for scandal, tries to ingratiate himself with the Castlemans. Joan’s unhappiness worsens as adulation is heaped on Joseph. His attempts to publicly thank her for supporting him only embitter her further.

Nathaniel, sensing Joan’s emotional state, induces her to talk with him over drinks and says that he knows that Joan has ghostwritten a major portion or even all of each of Joseph’s novels. Joan does not admit the truth, but Nathaniel is convinced by their conversation that he is correct. Meanwhile, Joseph begins to seduce a young photographer who is assigned to him, but just as he is beginning his seduction his watch alarms goes off for him to take his heart pills, cooling the moment and she leaves the room. Joseph accuses Joan of abandoning him, while Joan expresses her outrage over his attempted affair. The argument ceases when they learn that their daughter Susannah has given birth.

On the night of the Nobel ceremony, David confronts his parents after being told by Nathaniel that Joan is the only writer in the family. Joseph and Joan deny everything. At the ceremony and the banquet which follows, Joan feels increasingly humiliated because Joseph praises her as his support, his muse, his soul. She flees, and Joseph follows her. He demands that she take his prize, but she refuses. At their hotel, Joan tells Joseph she is divorcing him. They argue violently, and Joseph has a heart attack. Prostrate on the bed, he begs for Joan’s love. She tells him she loves him; he replies “You’re such a good liar,” and dies moments later. On the Concorde flight back to the US, Nathaniel offers his condolences to Joan. She tells him that if he tries to print anything that undermines Joseph’s reputation as a writer, she will sue him. David overhears her. Joan says that she will tell David and his sister the truth when they get home. She then turns the page to the journal she had opened, runs her hand over a blank page, and looks up.


Glenn Close as Joan Castleman
Annie Starke as Joan Archer, Joan’s younger self
Jonathan Pryce as Professor Joseph Castleman
Harry Lloyd as young Professor Joseph Castleman
Christian Slater as Nathaniel Bone
Max Irons as David Castleman
Karin Franz Körlof as Linnea
Elizabeth McGovern as Elaine Mozell
Alix Wilton Regan as Susannah Castleman


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