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Dil Tera Diwana Dvd

Ravi falls in love with Komal and his father initially approves. But when he finds out about Komal’s father, he calls off the wedding, which leads Ravi to try and find out the reasons behind it.


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Dil Tera Diwana is a 1996 Indian Bollywood film directed by Lawrence D’Souza and produced by Pahlaj Nihalani. It stars Saif Ali Khan and Twinkle Khanna in pivotal roles.


Kumar (Shatrughan Sinha) is the proud widowed businessman, the father of Ravi (Saif Ali Khan), his only son, his pride and joy. When Ravi grows up, he meets Komal (Twinkle Khanna), in college and instantly falls in love with her. Ravi mentions this to his dad, who approves the alliance. But due to Ravi’s bad habit of bothering many female schoolmates, Komal instantly dislikes him. So along with the idea of his friends, Ravi changes his name to Bharat Khaushal and pretends to be poor and good to get his love from Komal. This later confuses Komal, when she befriends Bharat and sees “him” and “Ravi” to resemble each other physically. But she then believes they’re two different guys. This secret is unknown to Mr. Kumar, who later finds out from Ravi about his double appearances on his birthday when the police accuses Ravi as Bharat, Ravi’s look-alike who disguised himself as Ravi after killing him in greed of wealth.

Ravi refuses saying he hasn’t killed anyone, but everyone agrees with the police including Komal who now hates him as Bharat and Mr. Kumar, whose mission is now to take revenge of Bharat by killing him with his own hands. His friend Satyajit “Satya” also lies accusing Ravi as Bharat, which ends their friendship. Ravi is arrested and he attempts many evidences to prove that he’s innocent and is Ravi, which still nobody believes. Meanwhile, along with Komal’s dad, Alok (Dalip Tahil), Mr. Kumar’s men capture Bharat and bring him to him where he tells him his personal secret that he and Alok are kings of the underworld. As Mr. Kumar’s men are asked to capture Bharat since he escaped from Mr. Kumar killing him, Ravi kidnaps Komal from her house in front of Alok. He takes her to his slum where his dying landlord gets shot by Kumar and Alok’s enemy, a criminal named Ambani (Shakti Kapoor), whose men hunting Bharat reveal the truth to Komal that Ravi is Bharat, which Komal finally believes, and regrets mistaking him for the crime the police accused him of and she and Ravi fall in love.

Then they start to spend their time together and love extends more. Komal is then later brought home to her dad by the police, where she insists Bharat is Ravi, but this angers Alok who locks her in her room and insists that she not meet him. Ambani later kills Satya after Ravi confronts him for lying to the police about his double role on his birthday. It’s later revealed that Ambani took advantage of Ravi’s double role, so he falsely accused to the police about Ravi and killed his friend Salim, whose corpse was disguised as Ravi, because of the clothes and the watch Ravi gave him, which was originally given to him by his dad. He also used Ravi’s friends including Satya to make them lie about Ravi, but their friend Vicky refused in favour of Ravi, for which Ambani kills him in front of them. He tells Ravi this, whom his men have captured, then Ravi kills Ambani and his men along with Mr. Kumar, who apologizes and believes Ravi as his son, in which Alok is killed too. Mr. Kumar is then shot by one of Ambani’s men and a few moments before his death, tells the police, who arrive on the scene, that Ravi is his son and he’s innocent, which they also finally believe and he gives Komal’s hand in marriage to Ravi.


Saif Ali Khan as Ravi Kumar/Bharat Kaushal
Twinkle Khanna as Komal
Shatrughan Sinha as Mr. Kumar
Dalip Tahil as Alok
Shakti Kapoor as Ambani
Harish Patel as Laxminarayan
Reema Lagoo as Mr. Kumar’s late wife and Ravi’s late mother
Guddi Maruti as Momo
Vishwajeet Pradhan as Pasha


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