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Double Dhamaal Dvd

Four idlers make elaborate plans to earn money by investing in buildings but are conned by Kabir, who leaves them unemployed and penniless. Soon, they are on the prowl to avenge their humiliation.

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Double Dhamaal (also known as Dhamaal 2) (transl. Double fun) is an Indian comedy film and a sequel to the 2007 hit film Dhamaal, and the second installment of Dhamaal film series. The film is directed by Indra Kumar and produced by Ashok Thakeria.

Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Aashish Chaudhary and Javed Jaffrey reprise their roles from the previous films, with Kangana Ranaut and Mallika Sherawat as new additions. The theatrical trailer of the film was revealed on 20 May 2011 along with the film Haunted. The film released on 24 June 2011.

Upon release, the film received mixed reviews from critics but was a commercial hit at the box office.

A sequel titled Total Dhamaal was released in February 2019, with the main three casts (Deshmukh, Warsi, and Jaffrey) reprising their roles.


The story continues from the previous film.

The four good-for-nothing friends Roy (Ritesh Deshmukh), Adi (Arshad Warsi), Boman (Aashish Chaudhary) and Manav (Javed Jaffrey) are still trying to con people for a living. They happen to see their old enemy Kabir (Sanjay Dutt) driving a luxurious Mercedes Benz, and try to find out the secret behind his success. Upon investigating, they find that he is living off his “wife’s” wealth.

They then blackmail him into making them his business partners, but little do the four friends know that Kabir, his girlfriend Kamini (Mallika Sherawat) along with his sister Kiya (Kangana Ranaut) have an agenda of their own. Kabir connects them with an investor named Bata Bhai (Satish Kaushik) who is also a don. The four friends convince Bata Bhai to invest his money into Kabir’s oil project, and the money is then stolen by Kabir. Kabir leaves the country along with Kamini and Kiya, and leaves the four friends to deal with Bata Bhai. However, the four friends are able to leave the city and track Kabir down in Macau. They make a plan to ruin Kabir’s happiness and take their money back by going in disguise. Roy “cons” Kiya by disguising himself as ‘Tukiya’ and pretending to be in love with her, whilst Adi disguises himself as a Sikh man called ‘Ghanta Singh’, getting the job of Kabir’s “personal assistant”. Roy also disguises himself as ‘Heera Bhai’, a “Gujarati investor” who would supposedly “invest” in Kabir’s casino, and Boman acts as his wife, “in love with Kabir” to break his relationship with Kamini. Manav poses as various characters.

However, Kabir, Kamini, and Kiya find out about their plans and decide to pretend to be fooled by the four friends, playing along with their plans. However, they eventually reveal this at the end when the four friends reveal themselves, shocking and scaring the four friends, who are incensed at getting tricked by the trio again. The movie ends with them escaping from Johnny Bonzela (J. Brandon Hill) due to Kabir exposing them to him.


Sanjay Dutt as Kabir Nayak
Ritesh Deshmukh as Deshbandhu lallan Roy/Lee/Tukya/Heera Bhai
Arshad Warsi as Aditya “Adi” Shrivastav/Ganta Singh/Milan Supari
Aashish Chaudhary as Boman Contractor/Dodo/Barbara Hori
Javed Jaffrey as Manav Shrivastav/Jojo/Moty bai
Mallika Sherawat as Kamini
Kangana Ranaut as Kiya Nayak
Satish Kaushik as Baba Batanand Swami
Zakir Hussain as Mohsin Bhai
J. Brandon Hill as Johnny Bonzela
Harry Josh as Kasim Kekra
Farzil Pardiwalla as a Municipality worker
Vaibhav Mathur as Paan eater, guy in devils bar
Neeraj Kshetrapal as milkman
Steven Dasz
Shahid Hasan as Kabir’s office Manager
Khurshed Lawyer as Kabir’s Office
Michael Lagnusas Alcoholic in Shiny Suit
Latesh Sharma as Executive


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