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Kaal Sandhya Dvd

Ranjit, who is desperate for employment, gets involved in targeted killings with militants when they promise him a bright future. Later, he feels guilty for his actions.



Kaal Sandhya is a 1997 Indian Hindi crime drama film dwelling on militancy in Assam, directed by Bhabendra Nath Saikia. The film deals with the theme of the impact of the insurgency on common people.


Ranjit, an educated and unemployed young man, is drawn into militancy. As armed insurgents indulge in targeted killings he too is involved in the killing of Anuradha’s husband. A few days later, a Professor of the local college, Banajit Dutta too is shot dead. Ranjit grows close to the family of the professor as time goes by and is tortured by guilt and remorse.


Debashree Roy
Ashish Vidyarthi
Jatin Bora
Nipon Goswami
Hemen Barman
Munin Barua
Mridula Baruah
Nikumoni Baruah
Rajeeb Bhatacharyya
Upakul Bordoloi
Chetana Das
Jayanta Das
Sangeeta Goswami
Arjun Guha-Thakurta
Sanjeev Hazarika
Baharul Islam
Towfiq Rahman


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