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Pari Dvd

Although a kind-hearted man attempts to help a young woman who seems to be a victim of abuse, her strange demeanour indicates that she holds a dark secret. When she moves in with him, her evil and possessive traits threaten his future.

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Pari (transl. Fairy) is a 2018 Indian Hindi-language supernatural horror film directed by Prosit Roy in his debut. It stars Anushka Sharma and marks her 3rd production venture for her company Clean Slate Filmz. Parambrata Chatterjee, Ritabhari Chakraborty, Rajat Kapoor and Mansi Multani feature in supporting roles. Production on the film began in June 2017 and it released theatrically on 2 March 2018.


The story revolves around the demon Ifrit and Auladhchakra, a satanic cult in Bangladesh aiming to progress the bloodline of Ifrit. They torture innocent women and summon the demon to rape them so that they are impregnated with its offspring. Professor Qasim Ali (Rajat Kapoor) used to head a group of vigilantes that sought out women impregnated by Ifrit, kept them captive until they gave birth, then immediately killed the demonic babies by cutting off their heads and sealing them within glass jars. This drew opposition from the villagers despite the support and the group was shut down due to their violently radical approach. Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma) is the daughter of one such woman, who was a victim of the satanic ritual but escaped her captivity before Professor Ali could kill her child.

Arnab (Parambrata Chatterjee) is a young man who runs a printing press. Piyali (Ritabhari Chakraborty), a nurse, is set for an arranged marriage with him. On the way home in the heavy rain, he and his father accidentally hit an old woman. The woman dies and when police search her home, an old hut in the forest, they find a dirty Rukhsana chained inside. Arnab, feeling sympathetic and responsible upon realizing she has no one, takes her in. Rukhsana knows nothing of the modern outside world and often sees demonic visions that terrorize her. Arnab finds her strange but endearing. As the two spend time together, she falls in love with him. A mortuary assistant discovers that Rukhsana’s mother has the cult’s mark on her skin and informs Professor Ali, who has been searching for Rukhsana for years.

One night, Rukhsana gets sick. Though Arnab mistakes it for her period, the truth is that every month, her body needs to spew out the poison it produces due to her demon blood. She secretly kills a dog by biting it and releasing her poison. She later admits she loves Arnab and the two make love. The next morning, Professor Ali confronts Arnab with the truth about her but he refuses to believe him. The morgue assistant fights Arnab, injuring him. Rukhsana kills the assistant in retaliation and gets between Arnab and Piyali, feeling jealous. When Arnab argues with her, she grabs him by the throat and lifts him clear off the ground.

Disturbed, Arnab realizes Professor Ali was right and researches Ifrit. He learns that Ifrit babies are born in one month instead of nine, and without an umbilical cord. Arnab contacts Professor Ali. Just as he arrives with his men, Rukhsana reveals to Arnab that she is pregnant. The professor’s men tie her up and torture her so that she dies of her own poison. Though she cries for Arnab, he leaves, depressed. After three weeks, Piyali visits Arnab at his parent’s house and he tells her the truth about Rukhsana. His conversation with her makes him realize he shouldn’t have left her to die.

Rukhsana, after being beaten repeatedly, breaks free and kills the professor before heading over to Piyali’s. She injures Piyali, but goes into labor. Piyali is unable to kill her, being a nurse and with her own past of having an abortion. Instead, she helps Rukhsana deliver the baby, which has an umbilical cord. Rukhsana leaves the baby to her and disappears. Arnab rushes to the old hut, where he finds her near death. He cries and hugs her. She resists the urge to bite him and release her poison, instead letting it remain in her body. Before dying, she tells Arnab that the baby is human. At the end, Arnab says that Rukhsana’s love made the baby human, rather than Ifrit’s hatred.


Anushka Sharma as Rukhsana
Parambrata Chatterjee as Arnab
Rajat Kapoor as Professor Qasim Ali
Ritabhari Chakraborty as Piyali
Mansi Multani as Kalapori
Mithu Chakrabarty as Arnab’s mother
Rohit KaduDeshmukh as Arnab’s friend
Santilal Mukherjee as Police Inspector
Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Morgue worker
Arijit Dutta
Sraboni Biswas


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