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Super K – The Movie Dvd

Badmess plans to overthrow his brother, King Maximus. To fulfil his goals, he creates a superhero, Super K, but due to an accident, Badmess abandons him and joins hands with Dr Ozox.

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Super K (also known as Kiara the Brave in the United States) is a 2011 Indian animated film written by Vibha Singh and Jaspinder S. Kang and directed by Smita Maroo and Vijay S. Bhanushali. The film was produced by Smita Maroo and released by Shemaroo Entertainment.


Dreamzone is a special world in the Galaxy, ruled by the kind-hearted King Maximus with his daughter Princess Kiara. Unknown to him, his brother Badmess is plotting to overthrow him. Badmess creates Super K, a boy superhero, using the powers of all the Dreamzonians. But a goof-up causes Super K to turn out a freak in Badmess view, unable to control his powers, and he is deserted by Badmess and let his minions literally name Accidentally and Suddenly to take care Super K. Badmess befriends the evil Dr. Ozox, a masked alchemist who has his own sinister plan to take over Dreamzone.

Super K and his friends come together to protect Dreamzone from the evil clutches of Dr. Ozox, but at the same time, Super K has to learn to control his powers.


Princess Kiara
Super K
King Maximus
Accidentally and Suddenly
Dr. Ozox
The Sun


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