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Wedding Anniversary Dvd

Kahani is in Goa waiting for her husband to arrive so that they can celebrate their first wedding anniversary together. Instead, the one who knocks at her door is a writer who pushes her buttons.

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Wedding Anniversary is an Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film, directed by Shekhar S Jha, produced by Kumar V Mahant and Achut Naik, and presented by Bharat Shah. The film stars Nana Patekar and Mahie Gill in leading roles and was released on 24 February 2017.



Kahani (Mahie Gill) and her husband Nirbhay (Priyanshu Chatterjee) had planned to celebrate their wedding anniversary in Goa but due to some last minute work Nirbhay stays back and Kahani has to travel alone. While she waits for her husband in Goa, she picks up a book to read written by her favourite author Nagarjun (Nana Patekar) and after a short while a visitor rings the doorbell of her house who turns out to be none other than Nagarjun himself. The conversation that follows between the two of them where Nagarjun talks about love, it’s true meaning and the relevance it has in our lives forms the crux of this film’s story.



Nana Patekar as Nagarjun
Mahi Gill as Kahani
Priyanshu Chatterjee as Nirbhay
Sanket Choukse
Shruti Marathe
Priya Tandon in a cameo appearance
Asma Badar
Kanika Dang
Sneha Gupta
Bhumika Gurung
Yatin Karyekar
Asad Khan
Abhishek Ray
Rahul Prakash
Shanti Bhushan Roy
Neha Sharma
Shruti Sharma
Bhupesh Singh
Yajuvendra Singh
Tejan Yadav


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