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7 Hours to Go Dvd

After losing his fiancee, an enraged Arjun kidnaps seven people and gives the police limited time to find evidence for a murder against Kabeer Khemlka, a businessman, and save the hostages.

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7 Hours to Go is a 2016 Indian thriller film released on 24 June 2016 written & directed by Saurabh Varma. Produced by Krian Pictures, the film stars Shiv Panditt, Sandeepa Dhar, Nataša Stanković and Varun Badola Inspired by true event, the film revolves around a hostage crisis and what happens within 7 hours after that incident.

Actress Sandeepa Dhar got hard training of MMA(Mixed Martial ) for playing a brave cop role in the film.She said “I am inspired by Tiger Shroff to get training in martial arts.”


Arjun (Shiv Panditt) comes to Mumbai to visit his fiancé Maya (Nataša Stanković). He reaches the City court to meet her and is taken aback when he is not able to find her anywhere.

He begins to search for Maya and in an unexpected turn, witnesses an unlikely murder. Frantic and exasperated, he is left with no choice but take passersby as hostages before he is framed as the killer.

The cops try to tackle the situation and within no time realize that Arjun is no ordinary hostage-taker and it seems next to impossible to apprehend him.

Now, with nothing to lose, Arjun lays down his terms. He gives 7 hours to police to find out the killer. How ACP Nandini Shukla (Sandeepa Dhar) and Ramesh Dhadke (Varun Badola) will end this?

The clock ticks and the investigation begins…


Shiv Panditt as Arjun Ranawat
Sandeepa Dhar as ACP Nandini Shukla
Nataša Stanković as Maya
Varun Badola as Ramesh Dhadke


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