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Baat Bann Gayi Dvd

Kabir falls in love with Rachna, but he must impress her brother, Professor Laxmi Nivas, to get her hand in marriage. Things turn upside down when his lookalike shows up.

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Baat Bann Gayi (transl. It’s final, then!) is a Hindi comedy film directed by Shuja Ali, presented by Vibhu Agarwal and produced by Sayed Asif Jah and Megha Agarwal. It features Ali Fazal, Gulshan Grover, Anisa Butt, Amrita Raichand, Razak Khan and Akshay Singh. It was filmed in Mumbai and Singapore.


A successful author (Ali Fazal) pretends to be a geek in order to impress his girlfriend’s (Anisa) brother (Gulshan Grover), because he expects his brother-in-law to be intelligent. While the hero is almost on the verge of winning over his girl’s bhaiya, his rowdy lookalike shows up, adding to the drama. Even the bhaiya has a lookalike which doubles the drama and confusion.


Ali Fazal as Kabir / Khoka (Double role)
Gulshan Grover as Prof. Laxmi Nivas
Anisa Butt as Rachna
Amrita Raichand as Sulochna
Razak Khan as Carlos Rehbar Pasha
Akshay Singh


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