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Badmaash Company Dvd

Karan, a young middle-class graduate, is devastated when his mother sells her jewellery to fund his father’s hospitalisation. Vowing to remedy the situation, he devises a plan to become rich quickly.

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Badmaash Company (transl. Very naughty company) is a 2010 Indian crime comedy film directed by actor-turned-director Parmeet Sethi and produced by Aditya Chopra. The film stars Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Vir Das and Meiyang Chang. The film was released on 7 May 2010 under the banner of Yash Raj Films. The movie was a commercial success at the box office.


In 1994 middle-class Bombay, three ordinary youngsters, Karan (Shahid Kapoor), Zing (Meiyang Chang) and Chandu (Vir Das) graduate from college and go for a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, where they meet Bulbul (Anushka Sharma) and they start a business together. Karan eventually falls in love with her. Karan tells her that he always wanted to start his own business but his father Sajjan Kapoor (Anupam Kher) wants him to study MBA. On the other hand, Bulbul confesses that she wants to be a supermodel and advises Karan that he does not need a large amount of money to start a business, but a big “idea”. Back in India, Sajjan has a heart attack. Karan’s mother Maya (Kiran Juneja) pawns her jewelry in order to arrange some amount of money for better facilities and an AC room at the hospital as his insurance could only afford a Non-AC room. This leaves Karan heart-broken, and he immediately decides to get rich by any means, he decides to start his own venture along with his friends. He comes up with an idea for smuggling branded Reebok shoes in India without any customs charges.

For this, they have to separate the consignment into two-halves, one half with only left shoes in Calcutta and the other half with only right shoes in Madras. At both places, the buyer will refuse to receive the consignment, hence the entire consignment will be confiscated. The confiscated consignment will then be auctioned in which Chandu (in Calcutta) and Karan (in Madras) will buy the entire consignment, pretending they are scrap dealers. Once the right shoes pair up with left shoes, the zero-valued product comes into a full value which can be sold at any profit without any customs charges. They name their venture “Friends and Company” and proceed to make a large fortune with it. When Karan is caught red-handed by Sajjan while putting away the black money, he explains the situation, including the fact that he is doing business with a smuggler. As a result, he is forced to leave the house and starts living with Bulbul and uses her to get contracts. After the government in India decides to reduce the import duty on foreign goods (including shoes), the friends decide to go to America. They get help from Karan’s Uncle Jazz (Pavan Malhotra.) They do the same business in the US as they did in India, only this time they import Leather Gloves. In a short time, the group becomes excessively rich and starts to live royally. The police start to suspect Karan and his team, owing to which they change their business. Instead, one of the friends rents a lavish house for one hundred thousand dollars by taking a loan from a bank. Then the house will be sold to another friend and again that friend will take a loan from the same bank, hence repeating the cycle. Since the property of the person who cannot return the loan is used to be seized by the bank, one of them will declare thyself as bankrupt and the house gets seized, with an actual worth of one hundred thousand dollars, but the company will have already gained two hundred thousand dollars’ profit. However, Karan becomes too greedy and the group begins to fall apart. Karan and Zing get into an argument about Zing’s excessive drinking. Zing leaves and opens his own bar. Bulbul leaves when she finds out that Karan has married another woman for a green card. Chandu weds and quits the company to start a video store.

Alone and heartbroken, Karan visits India and secretly attends a function where Sajjan is being honored for his years of service to his company. Upon seeing this, he realizes his mistake. On his return to America, he is arrested and put in jail for 6 months. He is bailed out after Bulbul comes and gives up Zing’s, Chandu’s and her share from what they earned in the company. Karan starts working with his uncle. One day, he meets Bulbul, who is revealed to be pregnant with his child and the lovers reconcile. At Uncle Jazz’s office, Karan finds out that his uncle’s entire consignment of imported shirts from Madras has been rejected as the color bleeds after washing. The news reaches to stock market due to which Jazz company’s share fall down to 30%. Karan sees an opportunity and thinks of another brilliant idea and Karan patches up with Zing, Chandu and his family to start another new venture. This time, he makes Jazz’s buyers believe that his company offers a new kind of shirt in the market, which changes its color every time it is washed, hence a common man gets a new shirt every time he washes it. The buyers’ orders a trial order of 5,000 pieces and the public goes crazy over this new shirt, due to which Karan gets another order, this time for a much bigger amount of shirts. The shares of Jazz’s company go skyrocketed as the public really appreciates and buys the shirts at an overwhelmingly high rate, hence recovering his Uncle Jazz’ loss. Karan, Zing, Chandu, and Bulbul are now partners with Jazz in “Friends and Company”, but it is turned into a public limited company. With his wife, son, friends and having made his father proud, Karan is finally content with his life.


Shahid Kapoor as Karan
Anushka Sharma as Bulbul
Vir Das as Chandu
Meiyang Chang as Zing
Pavan Malhotra as Jazz Mamu
Anupam Kher as Sajjan Kapoor
Kiran Juneja as Maya Kapoor
Jameel Khan as Archie Bhai
Shalini Chandran as Anu Kapoor
Alexandra Vino as Linda
John Marenjo as Charlie
Obaid Kadwani as the Lawyer


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