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Bhanwarey Dvd

Manoj, an unemployed youth, is obsessed with curing his sexual problems. While trying to find new remedies, he and his two friends get involved with gangsters and try to evade the law.

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Bhanwarey (transl. Bumble bees) is a 2017 Indian Hindi-language black comedy film written, directed and produced by Shaurya Singh under the banner of Sudha Creations. The film’s production began in mid-2015 and was completed by the end of 2016. It was released theatrically in India on 24 March 2017. The film is currently on Amazon Prime videos.



Set in the late 1990s in Delhi, Bhanwarey  revolves around three friends and their struggle of survival in a shoddy apartment. It is also the story of their daily problems and how they accidentally get involved in wrongdoings, drugs, a porn racket, news media and to solve these problems they eventually get trapped between the hand of law and a couple of gangster groups.

Manoj (Shaurya Singh) and Pushp (Karhan Dev) live together in an apartment in Delhi. Machchinder (Jashan Singh), their third friend lives in the same building as well. While Manoj has a girl friend Soniya (Priyanka Shukla), he is still not settled in the city and is jobless. Whereas Pushp has a job but is pervert by nature.

Manoj is trying different methods to cure sexual weakness in him which gets him and his roommate Pushp into trouble. One day Pushp introduces Manoj to Raghav (Puneet Kumar), a childhood friend of his, who is a member of a rock band. While talking to him, Raghav introduces Manoj to a performance enhancement drug which Manoj takes without any precautions and ends up roaming the streets of Delhi, like a ghoul, without any memory of it the next day.

Raghav is a drug addict who is in debt of an underworld don Maqsood bhai (Manoj Bakshi) who has multiple illegal businesses such as Drugs, Porn films, extortion etc. While Manoj wants to experiment with the drug, Raghav takes Manoj to Maqsood’s den. As both of them didn’t have money, Maqsood forces Manoj into performing in a porn film made by his gang. Maqsood tells them that this film will not be sold in India and will only sell overseas.

Contrary to Maqsood’s words, the forthcoming week, the porn movie DVDs spread in the capital.

The gang members while writing one of the DVDs mistakenly write Maqsood’s important data on the DVD and distribute it. This DVD falls in the hands of Pushp.

Inspector Hukum Singh (Padmender Rawat) gets under the radar of his senior police officers for under-performing and is asked to solve this porn racket case, failing of which could cost him his job. Maqsood and his gang members want to retrieve the DVD. Inspector Hukum Singh too is after the boys, specially Manoj after the news leaks into media that some local boy has worked in a porn film. Manoj, Pushp and Machchi get into the hands of Maqsood’s gang while trying to escape from Hukum Singh and media. Machchi handovers the DVD to Maqsood and they manage to escape from Maqsood’s den only to realize that Machchi has handed over the wrong DVD to Maqsood.

Manoj, Pushp and Machchinder seek help from a local small time goon Susu Pandey (Matin Khan). But he too has different motives for utilizing the DVD for his own benefits. They run away from Susu Pandey only to get caught by Ins. Hukum Singh and party.

Hukum Singh along with his constable beat them black and blue and they narrate the whole story to Hukum Singh. Hukum Singh formulates a plan to catch Maqsood and his gang along with Manoj, Pushp and Machchi.

Maqsood calls Manoj at a secluded warehouse where Machchi fails the plan and falls from the roof where he was hidden. Hukum Singh, Pushp and Raghav come to rescue Manoj and Machchi. Susu Pandey gang too joins the rumble in the warehouse. After a long battle the goons are caught and Manoj’s sexual health problem is solved after he falls into a bagful of Indian herbs known for curing sex problems.

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Shaurya Singh as Manoj Tirpathi
Karhan Dev as Pushpender Vohra/Pushp
Jashan Singh Kohli as Machchinder Pal Singh Sodhi/Machchi
Priyanka Shukla as Soniya Kharbanda
Manoj Bakshi as Maqsood Bhai
Padmender Rawat as Inspector Hukum Singh
Matin Khan as Susu Pandey
Puneet Jain as Raghav
Gautam Kurup as Zaheer Bhai
Nishigandha Jadhav as Baby
Jitender Aggarwal as Hawaldar RamKishan


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