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Chillar Party Dvd

The children of a society make friends with an orphan and his dog Bhidu. But when a scheming politician plans to get rid of stray dogs, they all come up with a plan to save their four-legged friend.

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Chillar Party (transl. Children’s party) is a 2011 Indian family comedy film directed by Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl and produced by Ronnie Screwvala under UTV Motion Pictures and Salman Khan under his SKBH Productions (Salman Khan Being Human Productions). The film has a multiple-cast of debuting child-artists particularly named after movies such as, “Silencer”, “Aflatoon”, “Shaolin” etc. It also features Ranbir Kapoor in an item-number. Chillar Party won the 2011 National Film Award for Best Children’s Film.


This film is about a gang of innocent but feisty kids who lead carefree lives in Chandan Nagar colony that takes on the big bad world of politics when one of their friend’s life is endangered. It starts with an introduction to the lead actors, who live in Chandan Nagar Society. Each of the eight children has his own identity and a nickname based on these qualities. Akram is the fast bowler (Ramashankar), Encyclopedia is the mastermind (Arjun). Not only that, but their whole team has a nickname – CHILLAR PARTY. They explain that they have mainly two enemies with the ‘oversized’ neighbouring cricket team to whom they always lose, and a dog to whom they have given a name – Loose Motion, since it has a tendency to make messes. So they develop an enmity against dogs. Their hopes are shattered shortly after a boy- Fatka who was employed for washing the cars of the society, enters with his dog Bhidu. They do everything to throw the boy and his dog out, but become unsuccessful. Eventually they develop a friendship with each other as Fatka helps them by serving as the lead bowler during the match with the neighbouring cricket team. But their happiness is short-lived when a reckless politician, welfare minister Shashikant Bhide, enters their life after his personal secretary is attacked by Bhidu for hurting Fatka.

He announces that in a news telecast, all the stray dogs roaming about in residential buildings in Mumbai will be caught and terminated and gives an excuse that it is done so that Mumbai becomes safer- and declares the slogan as “Safe Mumbai and Safe Mumbaikar”. He further informs that the dog can only be saved if the society files a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE within 1 month. Chillar party, shocked by this, strives hard to get the NOC- wherein they have to get at least more than 50% votes of the total residents in the society i.e. 31 votes. But they manage only ten votes after 15 days.

To get more votes, they plan out few strategies but in vain. Finally organising a CHADDI MARCH- marching the streets with nothing on their body except underwears. They are telecast on TV and this gets them 10 more votes. With more hard work and awareness they manage to get another 10 votes counting a total of 30 votes. Only 1-day remains to complete the deadline of 1-month as declared by Bhide. Whilst all this chaos is going on, a t.v channel invites Bhide and the Chillar party for an interview. Seeing this as their last chance, they attend the interview which is being telecast across India. Knowing that that is the last day and dog catchers are after Bhidu, they pray hard to save him. During the interview they are constantly mocked by Bhide and asked if all these dirty tricks and uncultured techniques were taught to them by the textbook. As he asks to stop the telecast, Silencer, who doesn’t speak at all, speaks for the first time. He opens his textbook and reads out loud “We must always help others” followed by others reading out “A friend in need is a friend indeed” and “We must do what is right”. Overwhelmed by this the whole audience gives them a loud round of applause. Whilst in the society, dog catchers are already searching for Bhidu. The paper containing 30 votes is before the secretary, Mr. Tandon while he’s watching the telecast. He resents Chillar party and is a close associate of minister Bhide. He was asked to give away Bhidu since this issue originated in his society. Chillar party pleads to leave and the interviewers agree. When they reach the society, they are disheartened as there is no sight of Bhidu. Suddenly Bhidu comes jumping in, wearing a collar reading “Bhidu- Chandan Nagar Society”. While they were happy seeing Bhidu, they see the NOC on the desk with 31st sign – belonging to Tandon.


Irfan Khan as Fatka
Sanath Menon as Arjun / Encyclopedia
Rohan Grover as Rishabh / Ronny / Ramashanker Iyer / Akram
Naman Jain as Balwan / Jhangiya
Araav Khanna as Aflatoon
Vishesh Tiwari as Laxman / Second Hand
Chinmai Chandranshuh as Lucky / Panauti
Vedant Desai as Silencer
Divij Handa as Shaolin
Rajesh Sharma as L.N Tondon
Shriya Sharma as Toothpaste
Satyadeep Mishra as Arjun’s father
Swara Bhaskar as Talk show host
Aakash Dahiya as ‘Googly’
Pankaj Tripathi as Dubey, minister Bhide’s manager
Shashank Shende as Minister Bhide
Indrayudh Mandal as Kartik
Sillo Mahava as Aunty
Bachchan Pachera as Old Watchman
Ranbir Kapoor an Item number (Tai Tai Phish)


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