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Dawn of the Beast Dvd

A group of graduate students get more than they bargained for while searching for the legendary Bigfoot. Not only is he real, but there’s something far more evil lurking in the shadows, the Wendigo.


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Dawn of the Beast is a 2021 American horror film written by Anna Shields and directed by Bruce Wemple. It stars Francesca Anderson, Adrián Burke, Chris Cimperman, Ariella Mastroianni, Roger Mayer and Anna Shields. The film is about graduate students searching for a bigfoot


Francesca Anderson as Marie
Adrián Burke as Chris
Chris Cimperman as Jake
Ariella Mastroianni as Isabella
Roger Mayer as Cashier
Willard Morgan as Dr. Dennis Kasdan
Anna Shields as Lilly
Grant Schumacher as Everett
LeJon Woods as Oz


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