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Don’t Tell a Soul Dvd

Two thieving teenage brothers, stealing money to help their sick mom, match wits with a troubled security guard stuck at the bottom of a forgotten well.


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Don’t Tell a Soul is a 2020 American psychological thriller film written and directed by Alex McAulay in his directorial debut. It stars Jack Dylan Grazer, Fionn Whitehead, Rainn Wilson and Mena Suvari.


To support their dying mother Carol, 17-year-old Matt forces his 14-year-old brother Joey to rob a remote home being fumigated. Security guard Dave Hamby chases the two boys through a forest, but falls into an abandoned well. Matt insists on leaving Hamby in the hole so he cannot turn the brothers in to the police. Feeling guilty about leaving the man trapped, Joey regularly visits Hamby to bring him water, food, a sleeping bag, and a walkie-talkie. When he discovers what his brother is doing, Matt urinates on Hamby’s head to reassert authority. Incensed when Joey continues bonding with the man, Matt drops an open pesticide canister into the hole to kill Hamby. Joey confronts Matt when he learns his brother used the stolen money meant for their mother to host a motel party. Matt responds by telling partygoers that Joey steals from retired people. Joey retaliates by revealing that Matt killed a man. Matt threatens and beats Joey.

Joey runs back home where Carol’s TV news program reveals the man in the well is actually Randy Michael Sadler, a fugitive wanted for murdering his wife and children. Joey returns to the hole and discovers Randy survived the pesticide by wearing the gas mask Joey dropped during the chase. Randy admits he stole a security guard’s uniform and was trying to retrieve the stolen money for himself. Joey bargains to rescue Randy from the well in exchange for help punishing Matt. Joey brings Randy home after using a rope to get him out of the hole. Carol recognizes Randy from the news bulletin. Carol is shocked to discover Joey is helping Randy go on the run.


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