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Gangoobai Dvd

Gangoobai, an elderly maidservant, aspires to buy an extremely expensive Gara sari in Mumbai. In her quest to obtain the saree, she changes the lives of the people she interacts with.

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Gangoobai is 2013 Bollywood drama film, produced by the National Film Development Corporation of India and directed by Priya Krishnaswamy. It stars Sarita Joshi in the lead role as Gangoobai.

The story is about an elderly maid servant who works hard to achieve her dream of an extremely expensive Gara sari and changes the lives of people she interacts with while in Mumbai to buy the sari. The film was premiered at MAMI 2012, in the New Faces in Indian Cinema section; the South Asian Film Festival in Canada; the Hanoi International Film Festival in Vietnam and the IFFI 2012.


Sarita Joshi as Gangoobai
Purab Kohli as Waman Ponkshe
Mita Vashisht as Daksha
Rajendranath Zutshi as Rohan
Nidhi Sunil as Monisha
Ankita Shrivastav as Santripti
Aparna Kanekar as Malanbai (Gangoobai’s friend in village)
Gopi Desai as Mrs. Tahiliani
Behram Rana as Jamshyd Mistry
Rushad Rana as Khushru Mistry
Ardra Swaroop as Simone’s assistant


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