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Happy Husbands Dvd

Arjun, Mohit and Champoo, bored of their respective marriages, meet with Jaiveer, a successful executive, who introduces them to women. Problems arise when Jaiveer’s wife discovers their antics.

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Happy Husbands is a Hindi comedy film, directed by Anay Sharma and produced by Suresh Sharma. The film was released under the Phenomenal Craft banner.


Arjun, Champoo, and Mohit are married to wives who love them, however, they would prefer to meet other women and even date them. For this purpose, Arjun introduces them to a successful executive, Jaiveer, who is married to Priya, and has a young son. Through him they meet and get involved with a variety of women. Their respective wives are not aware of these turn of events, however, things get complicated for Jaiveer himself when his wife gets evidence of his infidelity.


Anay Sharma as Jaiveer
Ahwaan Kumar as Arjun
Kurush Deboo as Champoo Patel
Mohit Ghai as Mohit
Archana Sharma as Priya
Danica Moadi as Diya, Arjun’s wife
Shruti Sharma as Naina, Mohit’s wife
Akanksha as Jimmy’s wife
Jimmy Cooper as Jimmy
Sunil Bhalla as Bhalla
Aray Bhalla as Happy Singh
Gaurav Ghai as Dave
Lisa as Dave’s girlfriend
Tonikram Mattoo as Chadda
Harshaali as Chadda’s wife
Heena Rajput as Heena


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