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Help Dvd

Vic and Pia, a married couple who have a disturbed relationship, are horrified by a spirit that refuses to leave the human world. The couple race against time to solve the mystery.

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Help (Hindi: हेल्प) is a 2010 Bollywood horror film directed by Rajeev Virani in his directional debut. It stars Bobby Deol and Mugdha Godse in the lead roles and marks the debut of Sophia Handa in a supporting role. Shreyas Talpade also has a special role in the film although it was not marketed as his film. It was released on 13 August 2010, making it the first Bollywood horror film to release on Friday the 13th. The film was shot in Mauritius.


A woman, Susan Alves, is in a mental asylum on the island of Mauritius in 1990. She frantically scribbles demonic images on her cell walls. Her husband, Joe Alves, comes to visit and they discuss their daughter, Pia. Susan panics and says she can’t bear it and commits suicide in front of Joe.

In present-day Mumbai, Pia (Mugdha Godse) is now married to horror film director, Vic (Bobby Deol). However, their marriage is strained. When Pia’s friend Carol (Sophia Handa) from Mauritius informs the couple that Pia’s father, Joe, has suffered a heart attack, they travel to the island and stay at Pia’s childhood home, where it’s revealed that Pia had a twin named Dia, who she was very close with. That night, Pia has a nightmare of a girl’s ghost and inanimate objects in the house are seen moving around. The next morning, Pia has a flashback of Joe carrying a dead Dia out of the pool. She is very disturbed by this memory as she recalls that normally she was with her sister at all times, but the day Dia drowned, she wasn’t. During dinner, when Pia goes outside to check on Tracy, the dog, who is barking ferociously at something invisible, she has another encounter with the girl’s ghost.

Pia discovers she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Joe shares old photos with Vic and points out Dia’s favourite doll, which was buried with Dia. Pia tells Vic of her pregnancy; the news mends their relationship and the couple is once again happy. However, unusual events continue occurring in the house. One night, Dia’s ghost jumps down on Pia from the ceiling. The next morning, Pia is clearly not herself. When Tracy is found dead, Pia seems completely unfazed, which concerns Carol, as Pia loved the dog. Carol contacts her friend Aditya (Shreyas Talpade), a parapsychologist for help, informing him about the unnatural happenings in the house and Pia’s unusual behaviour.

Carol has an encounter with the ghost and flees but is hit by a truck and dies. At the funeral, Aditya senses that Pia’s life is in danger and tells Vic. After encountering the ghost himself, Vic seeks Aditya for help. He searches the attic and finds the doll that was buried with Dia, a video cassette, Susan’s diaries and some extremely morbid paintings by Susan, featuring images of suicide and inner turmoil. Vic visits the mental asylum and the janitor there tells him that Susan wasn’t insane but in fact possessed by an evil spirit.

Vic and Aditya watch the video cassette, which shows Pia drowning Dia before giving the camera an evil smile. However, they suspect the clip only shows half the truth. After repeated viewings of the video, Aditya realises Susan was already possessed even before Dia’s death. He also notices the reflection of a third girl in the mirror: it cannot be Pia, as she is the one videotaping and it is not Dia, who is in front of the camera. It is the spirit, meaning Pia was not the one who killed her, and that through her uncovered doll, Dia was trying to send them a message about her true murderer.

Vic discovers Susan was pregnant with a third child and it seems that the women in the family become possessed when pregnant. A possessed Pia kills Joe. It is revealed that Susan was pregnant not with twins but with triplets. Dia and Pia came out fine, but there were major complications with the third child, and Joe had to take the decision to save Susan over the child. After realising it is the triplet’s spirit taking revenge against the family, Vic and Aditya try to destroy the spirit. Aditya is killed and but Vic manages to trap the spirit in the other realm.

7 months later, Pia delivers a healthy baby. However, while Pia sleeps, the baby is seen squirming and writhing; its eyes suddenly go blank like the spirit’s, implying the spirit is now in the baby.


Bobby Deol as Vic
Mugdha Godse as Pia,Dia, and the evil spirit
Shreyas Talpade as Aditya
Sophia Handa as Carol
Salim Fatehi as Joe Alves
Jyoti Dogra as Susan Alves
Anaushka Borzeen Dantra as Young Pia
Ashoi Borzeen Dantra as Young Dia


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