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Jodi Breakers Dvd

Sid and Sonali take on assignments of splitting married couples who are caught in an unhappy marriage. All hell breaks loose when they unknowingly ruin the life of a happily married couple.


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Jodi Breakers (transl. Couple breakers) is a 2012 Hindi language Indian romantic comedy film directed by Ashwini Chaudhary. The film features Madhavan and Bipasha Basu in the leading roles with Omi Vaidya, Dipannita Sharma and Milind Soman in supporting roles. The film had been previously titled as Shaadi Fast Forward but was later changed to Jodi breakers. Part of the film was shot in Greece. It was released on 24 February 2012 to negative reviews from critics however opened to mixed response at the box office.


Siddharth “Sid” Khanna (Madhavan), who recently got divorced meets with his friends in Nano’s Bar. He is very happy and throws them a bachelor party. But he is sad about the huge alimony payments and more importantly that his ex-wife took the car he loved. A few months later he is a bachelor who works as a divorce managing officer. He meets Sonali Agnihotri(Bipasha Basu), who joins him in his business of splitting couples and they earn well in the process. Together, they are known as the Jodi (Couple) Breakers. Sometimes, they secretly make husband and wife fight with each other, that will result in their divorce.

Once they get an assignment by Mrs Parera who wishes to divorce her husband Marc Parera who is cheating on her. She tells him that he is in Greece with his mistress. Sid and Sonali decide to go to Greece where they secretly take photos of the two. In the process Sonali has grown an affection for Sid which Sid is not wary of. One day Sid tells Sonali that it would be better if they saved their marriage instead of helping in the divorce. Sonali agreed to the plan.

They call Mrs Parera to Greece and it is also revealed that she is also Marc’s business partner and is on a business meeting in Greece. Marc decides to do some business while his mistress whose name is Maggie tells him that she will go to a club named Medusa alone. When nobody was in their villa, Sid and Sonali enter the villa, throw a condom in the dustbin and call a masseuse. Sonali dances in the bar under the name Maggie.

When Marc goes to bar Maggie, already bored had left. He heard from the other people that Maggie was amazing and all sorts of things. He goes home finds the condom and the masseuse and angrily walks out. The same night Sid and Sonali also get drunk and have sex. Marc goes to Mrs. Parera’s place and sleeps there. It is revealed that Mrs Parera is not Marc’s wife, her name is Ira and is Sid’s ex-wife who told him what to do in return for no alimony payments anymore and that Maggie is Marc’s wife.

Sid returns to India and Sonali finds out about Ira and does not work with Sid anymore. Over the next few days Sid realizes he loved her and also finds out that they caused a happy couple to break up and that Maggie is pregnant with Marc’s child. Sid talks to Sonali and tells her that he wants to make amends. They reach Madonna’s (Marc’s grandmother) house and tell her the whole thing. She then gives them her full support.

She calls up Marc and Maggie and puts up a whole plan which included them remaining with her together for some days, going to the church where they got married, a party and getting Marc’s blood test done. Ira also comes to know of this plan and crashes at the party where Sid proposed Sonali (part of the plan). She lied to him about being pregnant. Sid then confesses everything to Marc and he beats him badly. At that time a doctor whom Sid had called tells Marc that he is HIV positive and the blood test of Ira and Maggie needs to be done. Ira initially resisted and angrily blurted out that Marc never slept with her. Actually she mixed sleeping pills for Marc’s drink in Greece and led him to believe that they slept.

Madonna angrily slaps her and tells her to get out. Marc and Maggie reconcile. Sid then tells Sonali that he loved her and they share a kiss.


Madhavan as Siddharth “Sid” Khanna
Bipasha Basu as Sonali Agnihotri
Omi Vaidya as Nainsukhbhai Chamanlal Patel
Dipannita Sharma as Maggie
Milind Soman as Marc
Mrinalini Sharma as Ira
Helen as Madonna
Tarana Raja Kapoor as Dr. Isha
Mazhar Sayed
Kubra Sait as Vinita


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