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Kushti Dvd

Chander, a small framed postmaster, falls in love with Laadli. Laadli’s father, Avtar, then asks him to prove his mettle by defeating Rama Krishna, a well-built wrestler, in a fight.

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Kushti (transl. Wrestling) is an Indian comedy film directed by T.K. Rajeev Kumar. The film stars Rajpal Yadav in the lead role along with the WWE wrestler The Great Khali (Dalap Singh Rana) making his Bollywood debut. The film also stars Manoj Joshi, Om Puri and Sharat Saxena in supporting roles. The movie is inspired by the 1985 Malayalam film Mutharamkunnu P.O..


The film Kushti is the story of a small village in Northern India where wrestling is a popular sport and an important wrestling match is held every year. Every year rivals Avtar Singh (Sharat Saxena) and Jiten Singh (Om Puri) try to beat each other in the wrestling match and gain the trusteeship of the village. Chander (Rajpal Yadav) plays the role of a village simpleton and a post-master.

It filled with misunderstandings and misconceptions, of hidden identities and secret love-affairs and the outcome is simply hilarious. The movie begins to take a turn when a certain someone delivers a secret package in the wrong hands. Especially someone, who is bound to take advantage and manipulate the real owner of the package.

Avtar Singh has a young and a beautiful daughter named Laadli (Nargis Bagheri), with who Chander is madly in love. To get her father’s approval for their marriage he was to first prove his prowess by wrestling with the 7 and half feet tall “Rama Krishna” (Dalip Singh Rana). The condition set by Avtar Singh is that Chander has to defeat “Khali” in the wrestling match


Rajpal Yadav…… Chander
Dalip Singh Rana……. as Himself
Nargis Bagheri…… Laadli
Sharat Saxena…… Avtar Singh
Manoj Joshi
Om Puri…… Jiten Singh
Jagadeesh……Puncher Pappu
Razak Khan……Chander’s friend
Ramesh Pisharody……Sinterklaas
Asif Basra


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