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Love Shagun Dvd

JD has several problems surrounding his marriage according to his horoscope. Unfortunately, his mother’s constant nagging and friends’ unwanted relationship advice only makes matters worse.

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Love Shagun (transl. Love luck) is a 2016 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy movie starring Anuj Sachdeva, Nidhi Subbaiah, Vikram Kochhar, Manit Joura, Taran Bajaj, Shamin Mannan and Simpy Singh.


J.D., a young man is at an important stage in his life of choosing a life partner. Looking like a plain situation which all youngsters go through, JD is accompanied by an unusual combination of problems, one of a persistent pressure of marriage from his mother and second of the astrological predictions surrounding them. Caught in a fix, JD fights the battle with his three friends, Sandy, Sumit and Deepak who have their own definitions of love. All three friends try different solutions to get JD’s life sorted and plan to find a girl for him whom he can divorce. JD in the middle follows all the tricks and plans and ends up meeting Tia, a modern and independent girl who follows her own mind. But much to their surprise, the story unfolds differently and JD finds himself in a larger soup than he had imagined. Between following his mother or his heart, JD is caught in a problem that does not seem easy to solve.


Anuj Sachdeva as J.D.
Nidhi Subbaiah as Tia
Shamin Mannan as Shama
Simpy Singh as Moon
Manit Joura as Sandy
Vikram Kochhar as Deepak
Taran Bajaj as Sumit
Anoop Gautam as Manjle
Swastika Chakraborty as Tia’s Mom


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