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Loveyatri Dvd

Sushrut who runs a garba academy falls in love with a beautiful NRI, Michelle, but her father creates a rift between the two. However, Sushrut is determined to win her back.


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Loveyatri-A Journey of Love; Hindi pronunciation: [ləʋjaːt̪ɾɪ]) is a 2018 Bollywood romantic drama film produced by Salman Khan under Salman Khan Films and directed by debutante Abhiraj Minawala. It is inspired from the Telugu film Devadasu. It stars Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain in its lead roles, and was released on 5 October 2018.


The story starts with Sushrut’s aka Susu’s (Aayush Sharma) teacher, who refunds his tuition fee to his parents as he thinks Sushrut is completely unambitious. His father is always tired of asking him to plan his future but he is stuck with his dream of opening a Garba academy.

The story then shifts to London where Michelle (Warina Hussain) is a very bright college student. Her father, Sameer/Sam (Ronit Roy) owns a chain of laundry there. Their relatives fool them by faking Natthu’s (Manoj Joshi) heart attack as they want them to come to Vadodara. Terrified, they reach India and find out the truth. On everybody’s insistence, they plan to stay there for 9 days until the festival of Navaratri.

At Garba, Sushrut sees and falls in love with Michelle at first sight. His best friends dig out her information from her relative Khusboo.

With his Garba singer and clothing store owner uncle Rasik’s (Ram Kapoor) advice he plans to charm Michelle. As per plan while performing Garba, Susu stays around Michelle and she accidentally hits dandiya on his eye. He fakes an injury. She calls him to apologize. Sushrut acts as if he was deeply injured.

He spends time with Michelle and they become good friends. Khushboo sees them together and says to Susu that she will reveal the truth to Michelle. Susu is terrified and reveals the truth himself to Michelle. Michelle says she already understood that the injury was fake as he goofed up and bandaged the incorrect side of his forehead. Also, he kept the bandage just for a day then forgot to put it.

Michelle takes him to her mother’s NGO, which provided women employment. It had shut down after her death when Michelle was 10 years old. Earlier, when Michelle was 4 years old, Sam went to London to earn money to support her mother’s dreams but could not come back due to his business and immigration issues. Her mother died waiting for her dad. Michelle reveals her dream of reopening the NGO. She also reveals her actual name Manisha which was changed by Sam after she moved to London post her mom’s death. Sushrut decides he will call her by the name Manisha.

Soon, Sam gets to know about Michelle and Sushrut from Khushboo. He calls Sushrut on a Ferris wheel and says that there is a difference between them, similar to the top and bottom of the wheel. He asks him to stay away from Michelle as there is a huge difference between their status and class. He also lies, that she is in a relationship with Chris. Michelle receives an email that she got admission to London’s top business school. She is very happy and throws a pizza party for Sushrut and his friends. Out of happiness, she informs the pay package of the college (after graduating) is 85000 pounds (75 lakhs INR). Sushrut assumes she is showing off and also cheating on him with Chris. He insults her badly at the restaurant. She does not respond and goes away from the restaurant.

Later Sushrut’s friends’ inform to Rasik about the incident. On Rasik’s insistence, Sushrut realizes his mistake and wants to apologize. When Michelle is going back to London, Sushrut and his friends try to reach the Ahmadabad airport from Vadodara to stop her but their activa meets an accident on the way and they are unable to reach.

10 months pass by. Sushrut still remembers Michelle and tries for ways to go to London. Finally, he gets an opportunity when Rasik’s Garba troop gets a contract to perform in London. He pleases the officer by doing garba in his visa interview and gets the visa and reaches London. While searching for Michelle, he remembers and goes to ‘Shelter Home’ where Michelle volunteers every Sunday. He meets her and apologizes. Michelle shares her number and promises to meet him.

The next day he hangs out with Michelle and her friends and meets Chris, and assumes him to be her boyfriend. He gets jealous and feels bad when Michelle speaks to Chris.

Heart broken he goes to a pub where Rasik motivates him by telling him Indians learn about love from movies. He tells him about Yash Chopra, Sooraj Barjatya, Aamir Khan (Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak), Shahrukh Khan (Veer-Zaara), Salman Khan (Tere Naam) and asks to declare his love to Michelle. The next day he sees London with Michelle and her friends and is spotted by Sam. Then on the Tower Bridge (London Bridge), Sushrut expresses his love and speaks to her about Chris assuming him to be her boyfriend.

He calls his friends and comes to know that Negative and Kushboo have become a couple. They also motivate him to speak to Michelle again as Michelle had never told him about Chris directly.

Sam meets Sushrut again and reminds about the status gap between them by showing him the Ferris wheel London Eye. Shushrut realizes that Sam had brainwashed him about Chris and confronts him. In order to frame Sushrut, Sam breaks his own car’s window and puts Sushrut’s hand on his collar. Police come and arrests Sushrut. Gujrati Police officers Bhavesh (Sohail Khan) and Jignesh (Arbaaz Khan) sets him free after hearing his story while everybody is searching for Sushrut.

Michelle meets Rasik and finally gets to know, that Sam lied to Sushrut about Chris. She confronts Sam about it and about her love and NGO dreams. She tells Sam that he has always imposed his choices on her but she wants to be with Sushrut She runs down where Shushrut is waiting with Rasik and Garba party. She informs Sushrut that Chris is gay and not her boyfriend. Sam finally had to agree for their marriage when Jignesh and Bhavesh threatened him that they have the CCTV recording of him breaking the car windows and they will arrest him if he does not agree for the marriage.

At the end, they return to India and Michelle fulfills her dream to reopen her mother’s NGO and Sushrut opens his own Garba academy. The last statement states they lived happily ever after.


Aayush Sharma as Sushrut Pandya [Susu]
Warina Hussain as Manisha Patel [Michelle]
Ronit Roy as Sameer Patel [Sam]
Ram Kapoor as Rasik
Pratik Gandhi as Nagendra [Negative]
Sajeel Parakh as Rakesh [Rocket]
Manoj Joshi as Nattu Kaka
Kenny Desai as Sushrut’s father
Bilal Kazi
Arnab Shah
Amitabh Mishra
Arbaaz Khan as Jignesh (cameo appearance)
Sohail Khan as Bhavesh (cameo appearance)
Kyle Smith as Chris


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