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MSG-2 The Messenger Dvd

Guruji, a warrior and social reformer, fights for the people of a tribe that the society and the army mistakenly consider their enemy, while reforming the tribe.

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MSG-2 The Messenger is a 2015 Indian faith-based action film written by and starring religious leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who is also credited as co-director, co-editor, and songwriter. It is a sequel to MSG: The Messenger, released earlier in the same year, with Singh reprising his role as Guruji, a spiritual leader on a quest to save an Adivasi tribe. It was released worldwide on September 18, 2015, followed by the Tamil and Telugu versions on October 1; however, a controversy surrounding the film’s allegedly insultive portrayal of Adivasis led to several states banning it.

As for the first installment, the box office gross of the film is disputed, with a large difference between the numbers from box office estimates and the much higher numbers given by the film’s producers. Reception was similar to its predecessor, with critics considering it propaganda and a very bad film overall. It was followed by two films, MSG: The Warrior Lion Heart and Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab: MSG Lion Heart 2, both featuring new and unrelated story and characters; Honeypreet Insan, Singh’s daughter who co-stars in MGS-2, directed and starred in both alongside her father.


The film begins with Guruji rescuing innocent people and performing noble deeds. His devotees offer him sweets to celebrate the government’s declaration that the local tribe of primitive people are terrorists. An army is deployed to repel the so-called terrorists, but after some of the army’s soldiers are killed by the Ace Archers, the army plans a mission that will remove the primitive people. Guruji dislikes the idea of declaring the primitive people terrorists. According to Guruji, all people are humans, and no inhumane treatment is justified. He believes that even if the local primitive people behave in an uncivilised way, they are not animals, and that every person has the ability to be transformed by love and affection. Even though the primitive people endanger Guruji’s life, Guruji decides to advocate for them. A police inspector named Arjun attacks the primitive people, but Guruji saves him after he is badly injured. Arjun goes to meet Guruji with Babru. Guruji also saves the life of the Tibru tribe’s leader, Babru’s son, and gains his confidence. Babru learns that Guruji has all the signs of Aadi Guru, the deity worshiped by the tribe for many years. Thus, the Tibru tribe becomes civilised by Guruji and abandons their practice of hunting and killing animals for food. Suddenly, the head of the 16 tribes, Ajgar, demands a sacrifice. When Guruji asks the tribe to refuse, he learns that they oppose civilised people and that Ajgar saved them from civilised people. When asked why they hate people who live in cities, Babru states city-dwellers are successors to Eklavya’s tribe. As Guru Dakshina, Eklavya was a renowned Archer who gave his thumb, but could not earn respect for his tribe. His forefathers tell him not to worry and say that during Kalyuga there will be a man who will bring respect to the tribe. On Guruji’s insistence, the tribe refuses to offer a sacrifice. On hearing this, Ajgar is enraged and takes the whole tribe as his hostage, but Guruji saves them. Soon Ajgar realizes that Guruji is no ordinary man and that the army might kill him. His own tribe seems to be against him, as the army is about to enter the area to kill the tribe, as they had been labeled as antisocial terrorists. It seems wise to surrender his life to the army rather than risk his entire tribe. He asks for pardon from Guruji for his deeds and runs away, saying that he is going to surrender himself, but when the army takes him as a hostage, Guruji arrives and fights the entire army by himself. Durjan Singh suddenly arrives and tells Guruji how he tried multiple times to prevent the minister from instigating the army into believing that the primitive tribe is its biggest enemy. They were even trying to take Guruji’s life but failed miserably because of Guruji. At this point the army realizes that Durjan Singh is misleading them and that Guruji is the man “Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan” who has been donating blood to the army, eyes to the old parents of army officers, even kidneys to the needy army personnel. They ask Guruji to forgive them, and Durjan Singh once again is defeated by Guruji’s noble deeds.


Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh as Guru Ji
Arpit Ranka as Azgar
Honeypreet Insan as Parimeet Insan
Charanpreet Insan as Fairymeet Insan
Rohit Khurana as Arjun
Sukhwinder Singh as Durjan Singh
Rooh-E-Meet as Ajij Khan
Sahil Insan as DGP
Shan-E-Meet as Pyardeep Kumar Insan
Kaynat Toor as Chabuki


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