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Prem Kaa Game Dvd

Prem is a happily married man with a loving wife and a daughter. His life is perfect, until one day Twinkle moves in as their next door neighbor and Prem falls for her charms.

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Prem Kaa Game (transl. The game of love) is a 2010 Bollywood romantic comedy film produced and directed by Ashok Kheny and starring Arbaaz Khan, Tara Sharma, Madhuri Bhattacharya, Rakesh Bedi, Johnny Lever and Sameer Kochhar. Salman Khan appears in the film as a narrator. The film was released on 26 March 2010. The film was initially known as Shaadi Ke After Effects, supposedly directed by Indrajit Lankesh.  It is a remake of 2004 Kannada film Bisi Bisi starring Ramesh Aravind, Anu Prabhakar, and Madhuri Bhattacharya, which itself was loosely based on the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch.


Prem (Arbaaz Khan) is married to Sheetal (Tara Sharma) and has a lovely daughter with her as well. They are happy together…that is until a young model, Twinkle (Madhuri Bhattacharya) moves into town as their next-door neighbor and Prem falls for her charms.

Will Prem forget that he is a married man? Will his daughter’s love prove to be lesser than the love of a sizzling new girl? Will 7 years of marriage go down the drain?


Salman Khan as Jaggu (narrator)
Arbaaz Khan as Prem Sahni
Tara Sharma as Sheetal Sahni
Madhuri Bhattacharya as Twinkle Chopra
Malaika Arora as The Dream Girl
Rakesh Bedi as Roop Chand Rathod
Johnny Lever as Ramnik Chedda
Razzak Khan as Lalwani
Sameer Kochhar as Nikhil
Vivek Shauq as Mishra
Lilliput as Dr. Screwvala


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