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Romeo Akbar Walter Dvd

A bank cashier, Romeo, is recruited by India’s intelligence agency for espionage in Pakistan. However, he finds himself in challenging situations when his cover gets blown.

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Romeo Akbar Walter is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film written and directed by Robbie Grewal. It stars John Abraham, Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff and Sikandar Kher. Initially, Sushant Singh Rajput was to star in the film as the protagonist but opted out of it due to his prior commitments. The narrative centers around a banker who is recruited as a spy for an undercover operation in Pakistan, where he faces both physical and emotional challenges. It is based on the life of Ravindra Kaushik. The film was theatrically released on 5 April 2019.


In November 1971 at ISI detention cell, Karachi, a man is being given a 3rd degree torture. The movie then goes 9 months back.

In 1971, Shrikant Rai, the Chief of the RAW recruits Rehamatullah Ali a.k.a. Romeo, a banker, after he manages to foil a bank robbery staged by the RAW agents to test his skills for espionage in Pakistan. After training in combat and covert communication techniques, he departs to Pakistan.

In Pakistan, he becomes Akbar Malik and in his operations is helped by Joker and Mudassar, Pakistani locals helping RAW. Planned circumstances bring him closer to the target Isaq Afridi (Anil George), whose trust in him strengthens when Akbar not only assures him of his hatred towards India but also saves him from an attack conducted by the henchmen of Nawab Afridi. Akbar informs RAW about a planned attack on Badlipur that would claim innocent lives, both in India and East Pakistan. However, relations between Afridi and Akbar also intensify, due to which he refuses to betray him when Nawab approaches him with an offer to work for him. However, while leaving the rendezvous, Nawab forgets an envelope and asks Akbar to deliver it to the described room number. He is surprised to find his girlfriend Shraddha Sharma there and exclaims “You?” in disbelief. She gestures him to keep quiet and opens up a telephone receiver to show a spy transmitter inside it, proving that her room was bugged. She reveals that she too was working for the RAW and was sent there because Akbar wanted someone close to be sent for him.

In the meanwhile, Colonel Khan’s suspicion grows on Akbar, whom he arrests, interrogates and tortures when he isn’t able to extract any information. He is forced to free due to Akbar being Afridi’s right hand. However, Akbar’s cover soon gets blown, resulting in a chase between him and the colonel. Akbar manages to escape and arrives at home to find Mudassar telling him to escape. Akbar explains that there’s no way to escape, due to which Mudassar agrees and goes to prepare tea for him. While waiting, Akbar suspects someone’s presence. Hearing a gun clock, he takes out the gun given to him by Mudassar for emergencies, and shoots the person, only to realise it was no one else but Mudassar. Weeping but also remembering the latter’s words warning him not to get entangled in relations, he escapes from the scene and the next day, disguised as an army captain, contacts Shrikant for help. The latter declines, telling him that he’s not acting like an Indian any more. In the meanwhile, Shraddha and some other RAW agents are arrested while Joker commits suicide. Akbar then meets the army officer who interrogated him and his senior, revealing the truth. He decides to conduct the attacks on Badlipur himself as a form of revenge on the RAW. Accompanied by colonel Khan to avoid any sort of double-crossing, Akbar shocks him by bombing the entire village in a series of explosions, thus confirming his loyalty to Pakistan.

As a result, the Indo-Pakistani War breaks out. Akbar, now a Pakistani officer called Walter Khan, meets Shrikant and Awasthi in Nepal after 10 years. He departs after exchanging a few words and congratulating Awasthi for his impending promotion, leaving the latter surprised. Shrikant then reveals that Walter’s still working undercover for India and how the latter’s siding with Pakistan was all part of the plan. The bombing didn’t cause any deaths as the villagers, warned about bad weather conditions, were moved out 24 hours before it took place. Shrikant also reveals Walter’s loyalty towards work was the only reason he couldn’t turn up even at his mother’s funeral. The film ends with a shot of Walter saluting the Indian flag with tears in his eyes.


John Abraham as Rehamatullah Ali a.k.a. Romeo/Akbar Malik/Walter Khan (RAW) Agent
Mouni Roy as Parul/Shraddha Sharma
Jackie Shroff as Shrikant Rai
Sikandar Kher as Colonel Khan
Suchitra Krishnamoorthi as Rehana Kazmi
Raghubir Yadav as Mudassar
Anil George as Isaq Afridi
Rajesh Shringarpure as Awasthi
Purnendu Bhattacharya as General Zorawar
Mushtaq Kak as Joker
Gyanendra Tripathi as Captain Adil
Sharat Sonu as Robber_1
Alka Amin as Waheeda
Vikram Dahiya as Krav Maga Trainer
Sanjeev Jaiswal as Deewan
Shivraj Walvekar as Mishra Ji
Shadaab Khan as Nawab Afridi
Aashit Chatterjee as General Ghazi
Pawan Kumar Jagoli as Ratan


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