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Saanjh Dvd

When Sanju’s father sends her away to live with her grandmother in a remote village, she feels dejected and tries to escape. However, as time passes by she forms a strong bond with her grandmother.

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Saanjh (transl. An evening) is a 2017 Indian Western Pahari language drama film, directed by Ajay Saklani. This is the first feature film in Western Pahari Language from Himachal Pradesh to be released in cinema halls and is introducing Aditi Charak, Vishal Parpagga and Rupeshwari Sharma. The film also features two well known Bollywood actors Asif Basra and Taranjit Kaur.

Before its release, on 14 April 2017 film received Best feature film award at Borrego spring Film festival held in California, U.S. Saanjh is one of the highest rated film in IMDb and Facebook.



A 16-year-old girl living in a metro city is forcefully taken to a remote village in Western Himalaya where she finds her lonely grandmother as a companion to share their solitude.



Set in the beautiful Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh, Saanjh follows the journey of Sanju, a 16-year-old city girl who becomes the victim of bogus social-media posts. When her father discovers a compromising online video in which Sanju supposedly features, he consigns her to their remote ancestral village to stay with her grandmother. Isolated and dejected, Sanju encounters ill-mannered house guest Jonga and finds surprising solace in his company. Unable to adjust to the village lifestyle, she hatches a plan to escape the village with help of Jonga, but need time to raise enough cash. Meanwhile, Sanju slowly begins to understand her grandmother’s pain—living a secluded life with almost no contact with her children—and a deep bond grows between them. When the grandmother falls sick, the film focuses on one unforgettable Saanjh (evening) in which they are caught between light and darkness.



Aditi Charak as Saanjh Thakur aka Sanju
Vishal Parpagga as Jonga
Rupeshwari Sharma as Dadi
Asif Basra as Shamsher Thakur
Taranjit Kaur as Sanju’s Mom
Amit Patyal as Tinku
Dhirendra Singh Rawat as Bodhi
Sumit Sharma as Pradhan
Tanu Bhardwaj as Pradhanan
Hoshiar Singh Gautam as Lala
Medhavini Sharma as Unknown Girl


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