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Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Dvd

Satyendra and Aarti meet for an arranged marriage and end up falling in love with each other. Their lives, however, change completely when she runs away on their wedding day.

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Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (transl. Do attend the wedding) is a 2017 Indian Hindi romantic drama film directed by Ratnaa Sinha. The film casts Rajkummar Rao as an IAS Officer and Kriti Kharbanda as a PCS Officer, who are brought together by a marriage proposal and fall in love with each other but on the night of their marriage, destiny takes the two of them in two different directions. The film had a worldwide release on 10 November 2017.


Aarti Shukla (Kriti Kharbanda) an intelligent girl, meets Satyendra Mishra (Rajkummar Rao), a clerk in the Excise Department, on her parents persistence who are trying to fix an arranged marriage for her. Aarti tells Satyendra that she expects to be allowed to work if they wed, and Satyendra assures her that it would be beneficial if she did because of her education. Aarti finds Satyendra’s off-traditional views charming, while Satyendra is mesmerized by Aarti’s beauty. Satyendra and Aarti decide to move forward and both of them fall in love with each other. On the night of marriage, Aarti comes to know that she has cleared the PCS Exam by her best friend Neelam, but her sister warns her that if she gets married, her in-laws won’t let her pursue the career dreams that she has. On her sister’s and maternal uncle’s provocation, Aarti decides to run-away from her house without informing Satyendra or his family, who is shocked to know about the incident and is left heartbroken. During the end, a fight erupts as her uncle forces Satyendra’s family to return dowry money. Even though they’ve spent a lot of the money, Satyendra agrees to pay back which leaves his family to undergo hard times with loss of face in the society, and his mother being forced selling all her jewelry to repay money to Aarti’s family.

Five years later, Aarti who is now a PCS Officer is successfully moving up in her career. She even helps her best friend Neelam to get a job in the same office. But all that is changed when Aarti is accused of taking a bribe and suspended till her case is resolved. During the investigation Aarti comes to know that the officer in charge of her case is Satyendra Mishra, who has now become an IAS Officer. Aarti is shocked to find out the changed attitude and lack of sympathy he has for her. He leads a raid on her house and as a result, her sister advises her to visit Satyendra and apologize. As she attempts to apologize, Satyendra belittles her apology and says that this trial is personal because he will never forget the disgrace that she caused and hates her.

Throughout the investigation process, the evidence Satyendra finds leans towards Aarti taking a bribe. Satyendra makes the situation worse for Aarti by humiliating and questioning Aarti’s motives, to which she finally breaks down and confronts him privately. They both engage in an intense argument, to which Aarti finally admits defeat and says she can’t take it anymore. Satyendra also calms down and they both have a more toned down short discussion. The conversation diverges turn when Satyendra asks Aarti for sexually favors for her freedom. Appalled at Satyendra’s behavior, Aarti leaves. But Satyendra gives her another option and asks for the bribe, but Aarti confirms she doesn’t have it. Aarti goes to Kukreja the builder who is also Neelam’s husband to ask him for the bribe money, but he tells her that he did not take anything and that everyone already knows she does. The conversation that they have was actually being recorded and as Satyendra watches it, he orders that Aarti be arrested for trying to manipulate the investigation. Aarti and her family are humiliated by the experience. As Satyendra visits her in jail, Aarti says to him that she wishes that they’ve never met, to which Satyendra reacts silently with shame by lowering his head.

During the trial, Satyendra replays the video that was recorded of Aarti and Kukreja, which continues to play after Aarti leaves the compound. It is revealed in the video that there was a plot between Neelam and Kukreja to kill Aarti because of the drama that Satyendra and Aarti were causing for them. It is revealed by Satyendra’s explanation of the video that Kukreja, Neelam, and the broker Rakesh were friends and that they’ve been selling unused government land to businesses under Aarti’s name. They were able to because of Neelam misusing Aarti’s trust and by getting papers signed in her ignorance. As the trial ends, Aarti is found to be innocent and Kukreja, Neelam, and the broker Rakesh are arrested. Aarti is shocked to find out that Satyendra saved her life by sending her to prison and also saved her from jail time by revealing the truth.

Aarti knows Satyendra still loves her and later tries her best to make amends to marry him, but to family is also invited. On the day of the wedding, Satyendra realizes his love for Aarti and gate-crashes into her wedding. It is revealed that Sharad is her brother-in-law and that the wedding was only a drama planned by both the families to make Satyendra realize his true feelings. The movie ends with Aarti and Satyendra’s marriage.


Rajkummar Rao as IAS Officer Satyendra Mishra / Sattu
Kriti Kharbanda as PCS Officer Aarti Shukla
Navni Parihar as Manju Shukla, Aarti’s mother
Govind Namdev as Shyam Sunder Shukla, Aarti’s father
Nayani Dixit as Abha, Aarti’s sister
Manoj Pahwa as Jogi, Aarti’s uncle
K.K. Raina as Jugal Kishore Mishra, Satyendra’s father
Alka Amin as Shanti Mishra, Satyendra’s mother
Vipin Sharma as Mahesh Mama, Sattu’s maternal uncle
Abhijeet Singh as Ranjan, Aarti’s Brother
Sanath Gaur Mama Of Vipin Sharma
Karanvir Sharma as Sharad
Vivek Yadav as Biker Boy


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