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Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi Dvd

Farhad, a 45-year-old bachelor, meets Shirin and introduces her to his mother for marriage who takes an instant dislike towards Shirin.

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Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi (transl. Shirin and Farhad are in for it) is a 2012 Bollywood romantic comedy film directed by Bela Bhansali Sehgal, starring Farah Khan, Boman Irani, Kavin Dave, Shammi, Kurush Deboo and Daisy Irani. The film takes its inspiration from the Persian poem Farhad and Shirin by Nizami Ganjavi, itself based on a story found in the Shahnameh.


Farhad Pastakia (Boman Irani) has a dream job as a bra-and-panty salesman. Except that he is a 45-year-old Parsi bachelor still living with his overbearing mother and grandmother. But it’s not like he’s stopped trying. Desperate to get him married, Farhad’s mother drags him to see women and even to embarrassing Parsi matrimony services.

In the midst of all the daily humdrum, Farhad meets the woman of his dreams: Shirin Fugawala (Farah Khan), who drops by his store. Shirin, who works at the Parsi Trust, hits it off with Farhad from the start. Everything seems to be perfect and Farhad gets ready to introduce Shirin to his mother. But mummy becomes the villain in their story when she discovers that Shirin is the devious Parsi Trust Secretary who got the illegal water tank in their home demolished. The water tank being the ‘aakhri nishaani’ of Farhad’s late father doesn’t help matters.

The ups and downs in Shirin-Farhad’s relationship and how the two try to make it work is the rest of the journey.


Boman Irani as Farhad Pastakia
Farah Khan as Shirin Fuggawala
Kavin Dave
Kurush Deboo as Sorab (Noisy Quarrelsome Neighbour of Shirin)
Daisy Irani as Nargis Pastakia
Dinyar Contractor
Nauheed Cyrusi as Anahita
Mahabanoo Modi Kotwal as Dhan Aunty
Beroze as Farhad’s aunt


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