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Singham Dvd

Singham is a 2011 Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Reliance Entertainment, based on a script by writers Yunus Sajawal and Farhad-Sajid.

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Singham is a 2011 Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Reliance Entertainment, based on a script by writers Yunus Sajawal and Farhad-Sajid. A remake of the 2010 Tamil film Singam by Hari Gopalakrishnan, the film stars Ajay Devgn as a station house officer turned police inspector Bajirao Singham, with Kajal Aggarwal playing his love interest and Prakash Raj playing the main antagonist. The theatrical trailer was attached with Salman Khan’s Ready in June 2011. It was theatrically released in India on 22 July 2011 with a strong box office response; the film earned ₹876 million in India on the first day and a worldwide total of ₹1.57 billion against a ₹410 million budget, becoming a box-office blockbuster.

On the film’s ninth anniversary, Devgn revealed in a commemorative post with the hashtag #SinghamonPrime that the film was finally available as VOD on Amazon Prime Video.

Following the film’s success, Devgn and Shetty collaborated on three follow-ups to the film – the first of these, Singham Returns, which marked Shetty’s production debut and was produced by Devgn, reunited the duo with Kareena Kapoor Khan who replaced Aggarwal as the female lead, and was a direct continuation to Singham, set in Mumbai, with the basic plot inspired by the 1993 Malayalam film Ekalavyan; the second, Simmba, lifted from the 2015 Telugu film Temper and starring Ranveer Singh as the titular anti-heroic orphaned cop with roots in Shivgarh, alongside Sara Ali Khan and Sonu Sood, was the first spin-off and the first expansion to officially create a Cop Universe, with Karan Johar joining Shetty as a producer on the film; the third entry, Sooryavanshi, a second follow-up starring Akshay Kumar as the titular anti-terrorist squad chief, Singham’s friend, was slated to release in March 2020, but was postponed due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdown announced by the Indian government. All three films were co-produced and distributed by Reliance Entertainment.


Rakesh Kadam (Sudhanshu Pandey) is an honest police officer who ends up committing suicide due to the false accusations of corruption levelled against him by Jaikant Shikre (Prakash Raj), a don and politician in Goa running various rackets like kidnapping, extortion and smuggling. Kadam’s wife Megha (Sonali Kulkarni) vows revenge against Jaikant in front of him, exclaiming that God will dispense justice to him for this act.

The story moves to Shivgarh, a small village near the Goa-Maharashtra border. Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn), an honest police officer like Kadam, is in charge of the Shivgarh police station. A station house officer in charge of his own town, he resolves most of the problems in his town informally and without filing charge sheets, thereby gaining much reputation and love from the villagers. Gautam “Gotya” Bhosle (Sachin Khedekar) is an industrialist and a friend of Singham’s father Manikrao “Manya” Singham (Govind Namdeo). He comes to Shivgarh with his wife and daughter Kavya (Kajal Aggarwal). Eventually, Singham and Kavya fall in love with each other. Their courtship takes place through a series of comic events where she initially hates him after he slaps her tight when she is caught frightening villagers disguising as a ghost, but then has a change of heart when she sees his honest and simple nature and finds that he wants to apologize for his behaviour.

Everything seems to run smoothly until Jaikant, who is given a conditional bail for a murder he had committed, is required to travel to Shivgarh to sign the bail every fortnight. He, instead, sends one of his allies to do the formalities, much to the fury of Singham who demands Jaikant sign the bail in person. Humiliated, Jaikant reaches Shivgarh but is unable to take any revenge on Singham fearing the wrath of the villagers, who threaten to finish him off. Using his political contacts, he gets Singham transferred to Goa to take revenge.

Singham, unaware of Jaikant’s hand behind his transfer, joins the Colva police station in Goa as an inspector. His co-workers, Sub-Inspector Dev Phadnis (Vineet Sharma), Sub-Inspector Abbas Malik (Ankur Nayyar), and Head Constable Prabhu Savalkar (Ashok Saraf), hate Jaikant for his crimes but are unable to take any action because of Jaikant’s political powers. DSP Satyam Patkar (Murli Sharma), Singham’s senior, is on Jaikant’s payroll and takes care in concealing and eliminating the evidence of Jaikant’s crime from the eyes of the law. Singham, upon learning of Kadam’s tragedy from the colleagues and Megha, and taking cues from what he has already seen, tries to take this to the notice of DGP Vikram Pawar (Pradeep Velankar) but it turns out to be of no use as there is no evidence against Jaikant and Patkar. Local minister Narvekar (Anant Jog) soon adds to Singham’s troubles when he refuses to support him against Jaikant, later launching the latter as a candidate from his local political party. Feeling defeated and mentally tortured by Jaikant to no limits, a worried Singham wants to return to his hometown, but is stopped by Kavya, who encourages him to fight against the evil and not run away like a coward. At that point, some of Jaikant’s men attack him, and he, realizing the futility of returning to Shivgarh, brutally beats the goons black and blue.

Singham then arrests Jaikant’s top lieutenant Shiva Nayak (Ashok Samarth) in a fake case of illegally smuggling alcohol after setting him up to tear the FIR against the goons, who he had come to free, and realizing that Shiva, under Jaikant’s orders, had planted bundles of cash in Kadam’s jeep. Later, he thwarts off Patkar in full view of the public when Patkar, bounded by his duties to Jaikant, tries to bail Shiva out. Jaikant kidnaps Kavya’s younger sister Anjali (Sana Amin Sheikh) for ransom on Kavya’s birthday. Rescuing her, Singham successfully traces the origins of the kidnapping racket to Jaikant, confronting Narvekar with his team in anger, but is unable to arrest him as he wins the election and is set to become a minister of the Goa Government.

Jaikant sends transfer orders to Singham to go back to Shivgarh within 24 hours. That night at a police function organized for the officers with their family, Singham confronts the officers, particularly Pawar and Patkar, for not abiding by their duties and being dishonest and unfaithful to their profession by protecting Jaikant. At first, Patkar berates Singham, but filled with guilt, Phadnis, Abbas and Savalkar decide to help Singham fight Jaikant. Soon, he is joined by the entire Goa Police Force, with Pawar also extending support, and all of them invade Jaikant’s home to kill him, with Patkar revealing himself to be in support of Singham in a twist. Jaikant eventually escapes but after running through the city, he is arrested by the police the next morning. They bring him to the police station and shoot him dead on Kadam’s chair, threatening Shiva moments after the shot to change his statement. At a media conference, while proving Jaikant and Narvekar guilty, Pawar and Singham clear the late Kadam of all corruption charges.

The film ends with Singham and the other police officers saluting Megha.


Ajay Devgn as Inspector Bajirao Singham, a police officer with unparalleled strength and wit of mind, one would say close to godliness. His sheer existence is enough to cripple entire criminal empires and strike fear into the minds of those who oppose him. He is also Kavya’s love interest.
Kajal Aggarwal as Kavya Bhosle, Bajirao Singham’s love interest
Prakash Raj as Jaikant Shikre
Sonali Kulkarni as Megha Kadam, Inspector Rakesh Kadam’s wife
Murali Sharma as DSP Satyam Patkar
Ashok Samarth as Shiva Naik, Jaikant Shikre’s right hand
Sachin Khedekar as Gautam Bhosle / Gotya, Kavya’s father
Ashok Saraf as Head Constable Prabhu Savalkar
Sudhanshu Pandey as Inspector Rakesh Kadam
Govind Namdev as Manikrao “Manya” Singham, Bajirao’s father
Ankur Nayyar as Sub-Inspector Abbas Malik
Vijay Patkar as Havaldar Ramesh Kelkar
Sana Amin Sheikh as Anjali Bhosle, Kavya’s younger sister
Anant Jog as Minister Anant Narvekar
Besant Ravi as goon in cinema theatre
Vineet Sharma as Sub-Inspector Dev Phadnis
Suchitra Bandekar as Suchitra Bhosle, Kavya’s mother
Hari Bala as Nandu
Pradeep Velankar as Vikram Pawar, DG Police, Goa
Harish Shetty as Vitthal Dalvi
Meghna Vaidya as Lata Singham, Bajirao’s mother
Jayant Sawarkar as Kamlakant Bhosle, Kavya’s grandfather
Suhasini Deshpande as Suhasini Bhosle, Kavya’s grandmother
Ravindra Berde as Zamindar Chandrakant
Agastya Dhanorkar as Nitin Kadam, Rakesh’s son
Neeraj Khetrapal as Advocate


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